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E-Texts & Primary Sources
  • BBC World History - This site makes extensive use of Shockwave technology to bring you interactive animations and exercises.
  • Blue Web'n - A searchable database of over 1000 outstanding Internet learning sites categorized by subject area, audience, and type (lessons, activities, projects, resources, references, & tools). 
  • Civil War Photographs - Contains 1,118 photographs. Most of the images were made under the supervision of Mathew B. Brady, and include scenes of military personnel, preparations for battle, and battle after-effects. The collection also includes portraits of both Confederate and Union officers, and a selection of enlisted men.
  • Curriculum Resources for Women's History - Search by topics, by region, and by era.  Includes biographies, quotations, and articles.
  • Education First: Black History Activities - Web sites created as models to suggest ways to integrate the WWW and videoconferencing into classroom learning.
  • The Gilded Age: Documenting Industry in America - Learning activity where the assignment is to produce a 10-15 minute segment of a documentary highlighting the many aspects of society that made up the Gilded Age: technological innovation, big business, urbanization, immigration, and reaction to the period.
  • Great American Speeches: 80 Years of Oratory - Includes archives, audio clips, and interactive quizzes.
  • History House: Books, Stories and Historical Trivia - Fun and useful stories about "travails of ordinary citizens, salacious doings of higher mortals, stumbling ignorance of powerful sovereigns, and surprising stories about people no smarter or dumber than we are.  The column "Under the Sun" examines important current events and looks for precedents in history.
  • Institute for Learning Technologies (ILT) - Affiliated with Teachers College, Columbia University, ILT uses "digital technologies as means to effect humane reform in education."  Some of its projects are available online e.g. Harlem Renaissance.
  • Perseus Project - The Perseus Project is an evolving digital library of resources for the study of the ancient world and beyond.
  • WWW-VL History: Central Catalogue - The oldest catalog of the web, run by a loose confederation of volunteers, who compile pages of key links for particular areas in which they are expert.  Even though it isn't the biggest index of the web, the VL pages are widely recognized as being amongst the highest quality guides to particular sections of the web.
Geographical Areas / Time Periods Internet Resources
  • AMDOCS - Documents for the study of American History. Full texts of many significant documents in American history, from Christopher Columbus' Letter to the King and Queen of Spain to the present. 
  • American and British History Resources on the Internet - Scholarly resources divided into category by chronology, subject, and type. 
  • American Women's History: A Research Guide - Prepared by the Middle Tennessee State University.  Includes primary and secondary sources, biographies, and statistics. 
  • Archives and Manuscript Collections - Selective guide to archives and manuscript collections.  It includes national libraries, state archives and libraries, college and university collections, and society archives. 
  • Archiving Early America - Sources from 18th century America:  major documents, selections from newspapers and magazines, maps and early writings. 
  • A Chronology of US Historical Documents - Contains links to full texts of significant document in the history of the United States.  Documents from the Magna Carta (1215) through acts, constitutions, and speeches into the 1990s are divided into chronological sections. 
  • Discoverers Homepage - Information on explorers and their discoveries.  Includes biographies as well as bibliographies of primary sources with actual text.  Links to other sites.  
  • Gateway to World History - Collection of resources including search utilities, internet discussion lists, images, electronic documents, etc.
  • H-Net-Humanities and Social Science OnLine - Consists of more than 80 moderated discussion lists in the humanities and social sciences with a strong emphasis on history. Focuses on faculty, but graduate students may join. Includes book reviews, job announcements, notices of conferences, and course syllabi.
  • Historical Text Archive - Housed at Mississippi State University, it includes original material, electronic reprints of books, and links to other web sites. Organized by geography/countries and topics.
  • History Channel
  • History Net
  • History Resources at SFU and Beyond - Maintained at Simon Fraser University in Canada, this site is for the beginning history student wishing to learn about resources in history on the world wide web. Includes student guides and links to history departments and professional history organizations.
  • History Sites listed in the Librarians' Index to the Internet - Long annotated list of history sites of all types.
  • Horus' Web Links to History Resources - From the history department at UC Riverside, this index of web sites is intended to be a supplement to standard historical research sources; it's purpose is to "to introduce the diversity of educational and research resources available on the web not ordinarily consulted by historians and history students. Such sites include antique and decorator catalogues, real estate ads for historical properties, post cards, genealogy resources, local historical societies, museums outside the U.S., travel agency and tourism information, and nonprofessional and a-vocational historical organizations."
  • Internet History Sourcebooks Project
  • Kansas State Resources for Historians - One of the best known meta sites on the WWW.
  • Library of Congress - Provides access to some of the wealth of resources, published and unpublished, listed in the catalogs of this world renowned library, as well as exhibits, the American Memory Project, and current information about the library.
  • Making of America - An interdisciplinary digital library of primary sources in American social history from the ante-bellum period through reconstruction. Made up of the images of pages of hundreds of books and thousands of journals published in the 19th. century. In addition to history, emphasizes education, psychology, sociology, religion, science and technology.
  • National Archives and Records Administration - Makes available to the public the records of the three branches of government in several formats: textual, audiovisual, cartographic, and electronic. Has an electronic version of the latest edition of the Guide to Federal Records in the National Archives.
  • National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collection (NUCMC) - Provides access to brief records for manuscripts in NUCMC maintained on the Research Libraries Information Network (RLIN).
  • Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection - Has electronic maps for all regions of the world with emphasis on the US. Includes historical maps for states and cities, gazetteers and other cartographic reference sources and maps of current hot spots in the world.
  • Webcats-Library Catalogs on the World Wide Web - Indexed by geography and type of library. In addition to links to library catalogs, there are links to publishers in the US and over 50 foreign countries.
  • World-Wide Web Virtual Library: History (at the University of Kansas) - A very broad and comprehensive guide to history resources on the internet, including many hundreds of links to sites for electronic texts, manuscripts, images, bibliographies, guides to archives and museums, indexes, information on organizations in the field of history, discussion groups and electronic journals, etc. Resources are organized by topic alphabetically, by era, and by region.
  • WWW Services for Historians (The Association for History and Computing) - Emphasizes sources for European history.
  • American Academy of Arts and Sciences
  • American Historical Association (AHA) - The professional organization for historians specializing in any field of history. Has membership information, association publications, and selected articles from its newsletter.
  • American Association for History and Computing (AHC) - Dedicated to the use of computers in historical research.  Publishes The Journal of the Association for History and Computing which is available only electronically.
  • American Association for State and Local History (AASLH) - Provides leadership, service, and support for its members, who preserve and interpret state and local history.
  • Association for the Study of African-American Life and History (ASALH) - ASALH was founded in 1915 by Carter G. Woodson, a Harvard trained scholar and international educator who was the son of former slaves. Woodson committed his life to research on the African American past and to the dissemination of knowledge about the African American in the new world. ASALH archives sociological and historical data, publishes books, promotes the study of African American life and history and encourages racial harmony through the organization and work of clubs and schools. In 1916, ASALH published the first issue of the "Journal of Negro History," a highly respected and scholarly digest which was followed by the "Negro History Bulletin," a widely circulated historically oriented magazine. 
  • Living History Association - A non-profit historical and educational organization dedicated to accurate re-creations of history.
  • Oral History Association (OHA) - Established in 1966 to bring together all persons interested in oral history as a way of collecting human memories. With an international membership, the OHA serves a broad and diverse audience. Local historians, librarians and archivists, students, journalists, teachers, and academic scholars from many fields have found that the OHA provides both professional guidance and collegial environment for sharing information.
  • Organization of American Historians (OAH) - The professional organization for historians specializing in American history. Contains information about membership, programs and services, association publications and links to other history related web sites.
  • World History Association (WHA) - Focuses on the development of world history research and its relationship to the conceptualization, methodology, and teaching of world history.
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