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1960s Retrospective - The Black Intellectual and Cultural Climate
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Television and Radio
Theater and Music
Motion Pictures/Documentaries
Film Web Sites
Visual Arts
Movie Reviews

The Black Arts Movement was the creative arm of the Black Power Movement.  As the Movement's poets, dramatists, and writers used the language and musical styles of Black people, they changed the way in which black people were to be represented in literature. These artists read, performed and discussed their ideas on college campuses throughout the United States.


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New York: W. W. Norton & Co., 1997.   Founders Reference Desk, PS 508 N3 N67 1967

This anthology contains examples of the literature of the Black Arts Movement, 1960-1970.

A chronology of the cultural and political events of the 60s is located on pages 2619-2621.

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Theatre and Music

"Constellation of Women Owen Dodson's Pageant Premiered at Bennet College.Afro-American-
11 November 1950, p. 8.

Jazz Goes to College."  Sepia 18 (August 1969) : 26-29.


"In Splendid Error,"  Spelman Messenger,  November 1967, p. 8-11.

"Myra Harris of Chicago City College System (Wilson Branch) Will Tour Europe in Integrated Drama
Guild To Do Plays."  Jet,  12 March 1959, p. 27.


“Negro on Theatre, Drama Art.” Pittsburgh Courier, June 1952, p.17


"The Playmakers from Florida A. and M. Univ., Tallahassee, Florida to Make 3-month Tour of Africa   Beginning in Oct. '58."  Jet 26 June 1958, p. 59.

"Howard University Student Edward Hall to Star on P. Morris Playhouse,"  Afro-American-Baltimore,  24  May 1952, p. 6.

“Howard University Choir will tour 6 Eastern cities from April 13-20,”  New York Amsterdam News,
14 April 1962, p.2.

“To Open Howard University's Music Season,”  Journal and Guide (Norfolk/All Editions), 1 September
1962, p. 14.

Visual Arts


"Spelman College Students Participate in College Art Section of Annual Arts Festival, Piedmont Park,
Atlanta, Georgia - Paintings."  Spelman Messenger, May 1961, p. 37.


"2 Morgan Students Paint Massive 32 ft Abstract Mural in Refectory: Yvonne Brown, Charles A.
Johnson."  Chicago Defender, 16 April 1960, p. 11.


"Walter Coleman, Art Student from Baltimore, Is 1st Negro to Climb Europe's Highest Peak." Our
January 1954, p. 16-19.


Television and Radio Programs

"Belafonte Singers, Maheba & Student Sitdown Program May 11." Journal and Guide (Norfolk/All Editions), 7 May 1960, p. 8.


"Clarence Peaks, Football Star at Michigan State Univ., is Also MC of All-Student TV Variety Show."  
2 May 1957, p. 54.

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"Stanley Robertson Named Student General Manager of KUSC-TV at UCLA." Jet, 6 June 1957, p. 60.

Motion Pictures and Documentaries

"Ain't Gonna Shuffle No More" in Eyes on the Prize II, Volume 5.  Henry Hampton, Executive Producer. Blackside, Inc. and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, 1986-1987. Media Center, E185.615 .E94 1986 VHS   Includes footage of the student take-over at Howard in the 1960s.

"America's Civil Rights Years" in Eyes on the Prize.   Henry Hampton, Executive Producer.      Blackside, Inc., 1986-1987.   Media Center, E185.615 .E94 1986 VHS 

7th & T [video recording].  Silver Spring, MD: Telescope Productions, 1987.  Produced by Jay Barchas and David C. Herman; directed by David C. Herman; editor, David C. Herman; writers, Joe Marx, Yale P. Lewis. 
As the premiere stage for Afro-American performers, the theater, located at 7th & T Sts. in Washington, D.C., was the focal point of the neighborhood during the 50's and 60's. The history of the theater and the neighborhood are discussed.  PN2277 W32 H67 1987 

Eyes on the Prize
. produced and directed by Blackside, Inc. and Corporation for Public Broadcasting, 6 videocassettes, 360 min., 1986-1987,PBS Video.

FBI'S War Against Black America. 50 min.,
Details the crusade against the Panthers and others that the FBI deemed as enemies of the country, including Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Grace Amazing. 60 min., Video Marketplace.
The only black-produced documentary on the inspiring life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Fabulous '60s: Complete 10 vol. Set. approx. 40-47 min. each,  MPI Media Group.
A video history of the social, political and military turmoil of a decade that changed our lives forever-as did the decade's music, Woodstock and the Summer of Love.

Fads Of The '60s.  30 min., Video Marketplace.
Recalls the fads that became national pastimes--Go Go girls, fallout shelters, The pill, Woodstock, etc.

Movie Reviews

"Filming of 'Ralph Bunche Story' Starts in Hollywood."  Afro-American-Baltimore, 21 September 1963, p. 11.

"'Freedom Ride' Produced by the Social Action Committee of the AME Church with James Farmer as
Commentator." CORE-LATOR, April 1962, p. 1.

"King, from Montgomery to Memphis." Ebony, April 1970, p 172-174.

"Wendell, Franklin, Assistant Film Director Once a Theology Student.” New York 
Amsterdam News
, January 1965, p. 14.

Film Web Sites

Alternative Videos. Specializes in Black videos of the 60s and the 70s.

Morris Library, Southern Illinois Carbondale . A large collection of films on race, civil rights, and the Black American experience.

1960s Retrospective Links

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