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1960s Retrospective - An Inward Look
Page Index:

The Students

The Administrative Context
Fraternities & Sororities
Howard Publications
Howard University Theses
Outreach Programs
Personal Papers

The Students
: Change Agents and Bystanders

"The Black Power Rebellion at Howard University."  Negro Digest, December 1967, pp. 20-30. (Undergraduate Library [UGL], Microfilm)

Carson, Clayborne et al, eds. "Interview with Tony Gittens."   Eyes on the Prize Civil Rights Reader:  Documents, Speeches, and Firsthand Accounts From the Freedom Struggle, 1954-1990.  New York:  Penguin Group, 1991.  p. 465-470.  (Founders, Ref. E 185.615 E95 1991). During the Vietnam War Howard University had compulsory ROTC for male students.  This interview with the student Tony Gittens who was the editor of the Hilltop in 1969 and was also a student activist in the organization called Ujamaa, talks about that time period and the attitudes of students toward mandatory ROTC.

Davis, G. B.  "The Howard University Conference."  Negro Digest 18 (March 1969) : 44-48. (UGL)

"For the Undecided, Wild Acclaim at Howard University; Vows Action on Rights."  Afro-American- Baltimore, 22 October 1960, p. 6. (UGL)

"Howard Crew."  Ebony, July 1962,  p. 60. (UGL)

"Howard Enrollment at all Time High (about 10,000)."  New York Amsterdam News, 4 September 1965 p. 10.  (UGL)

"Howard Students Mar Charter Day."  New York Amsterdam News, 16 March 1968, p. 2. (UGL)

"Howard University Bans AKA Sorority (Alpha Kappa Alpha) from Campus Until 1966."  New York
Amsterdam News,
19 May 1962, p. 1. (UGL)

"[Howard University] Debating Team Takes 2 of 3 Awards in International Debating Tournament (32
Colleges Participating) at University of  Rochester." Jet, 31 December 1959, p. 17. (UGL)

"Howland Ware, an Alumnus, Finances a Rowing Team at Howard as a Private Club." Ebony, July 1962, p. 60-64. (UGL)

Kwame Touré (Stokely Carmichael, 1941- 1998).  A brief overview of Stokely's student days at Howard University.  

Lowe Jr.,  Gilbert A. and  Sophia R. McDowell. “ Participant-Nonparticipant Differencesin the Howard  University Student Protest”. Journal of Negro Education 40 (Winter 1971): 81-90.  (UGL)

Lowe, Gilbert Antonio.  "A Study of Jamaican Students at Howard University, 1961-1962."  Journal of   Negro Education.  33 (Autumn 1964):450-453.  (UGL) Interviews Jamaican students about their views on race relations,  upward mobility and employment discrimination in the U.S. between 1961-1962.  

McDowell, Sophia F.,  Gilbert A. Lowe Jr., and  Doris A. Dockett. “ Howard University’s Student Protest Movement.”  Public Opinion Quarterly 34 (Autumn 1970):383-388. (UGL) After settlement of the 1968 strike , students demanded fuller participation in academic programs.

Malson, R. A.  "Black Power Rebellion at Howard University."  Negro Digest 17 (December 1967) : 20-30.  (UGL Microfilm)

"More than 700 Foreign Students in Howard." [Norfork] Journal and Guide,  8 October 1960, p.10. (UGL Microfilm)


Rigsby, Gregory R. “Afro. American Studies at Howard University: One Year Later.” Journal of Negro Education 39 (Summer 1970): 209-213. (UGL)


Stanfield, James D. and  Frederick P. Watts. “Freshman Expectations of the Howard University Environment.”  Journal of Negro Education 39 (Spring 1970):132-138. (UGL)


"Students Take Over Howard University. Want Black University Concept."  Jet, Apr. 4, 1968; pp. 52-54. (UGL)

Fraternities and Sororities

Delta Sigma Theta, Alpha Chapter  - historical overview with photographs

Kappa Alpha Psi, Xi Chapter - historical  overview with photographs

Omega Psi Phi Fraternity
-  biographical sketch of the founders

The Pan-Hellenic Council - overview of HU fraternities and sororities

Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority - overview of the Alpha Chi Chapter

Outreach Programs

"Conference on Youth and Non-Violence and Social Change."  Negro Digest 13 (March 1964) : 78-93.

Lowe, Gilbert A. Jr. "Howard University Students and the Community Service Project."  Journal of Negro Education.  1967 36(4):  368-376. (UGL) Discusses a 1961-1966 community churches and community service project in the area of  Howard University and describes student participation.

"Peace Corps Training at Howard."  Ebony, November 1962, pp. 69-77. (UGL)

The Administrative Context

Logan,  Rayford W.  Howard University. The First Hundred Years, 1867 - 1967. New York City: New  York University Press, 1969.   (Founders Library, LC2851 H82 L6)

Education for Freedom : a documentary tribute to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the election of Mordecai W. Johnson as President of Howard University.  Washington, DC: Howard University Archives, Moorland-Spingarn Research Center, 1976.   (Founders Library, LC2851 .H832 )

"Mordecai Wyatt Johnson: More than Just the First Negro President.Capstone Online, February 4, 2002.

McKinney, Richard I. Mordecai, the Man and His Message: the story of Mordecai Wyatt Johnson. Washington, DC: Howard University Press, 1997. (UGL Auxiliary Reserves, LC2851 H817 M35 1997)

The Second American Revolution, Part II, A Walk through the 20th Century.  Provides archival film and still photographs of the major personalities and events of the freedom movement.  Includes segment on Charles Houston and the Howard University Law School.

Carson, Clayborne et al, eds.. Eyes on the Prize Civil Rights Reader:  Documents, Speeches, and Firsthand Accounts From the Freedom Struggle, 1954-1990.  New York:  Penguin Group, 1991.  (Founders, Ref. E 185.615 E95 1991). "Excerpts of the brief filed by lawyers from the Howard University Law School on behalf of the historically black National Medical Association and National Bar Association"  as well as other institutions in this important legal case that ultimately went to the U. S. Supreme Court.

"To Enlarge Program Under Dr. J. M. Nabrit, New Pres[ident]: African Studies will Become an African Areas Program." Jet, May 4, 1961; pp. 12-13. (UGL)

Newspapers, Journals, Directories, Annual Reports
(Available in the Moorland Spingarn Research Center [MSRC])

African American Review ( Literary and Art Magazine of the Liberal Arts Student Council)
African Studies and Research Program Newsletter
Center for Youth and Community Studies Newsletter
The Champ

The Dimension

 ( Institute on Drug Abuse and Addiction )
Grape Vine

The Hilltop: The Student Voice of Howard University Since 1924
Howard Law Journal, 1955 -
Howard University Annual Report of the Dean of the Graduate School, 1946 - 47 to 1978 - 79
Howard University Directory of Graduates, 1870 - 1985.  (Also in Founders Library,
LC2851 H8 H848H 1986 .)
Howard University Student Handbooks, 1936 -
Howard University Yearbooks, 1867 -
Journal of Negro Education
Journal of Religious Thought (Divinity Library)
The Promethean
Student Life

( Dept. of African American Studies)

Personal Papers
Howard University Mourns Death, Celebrates Legacy of Civil Rights Activist Kwamé Turé.  Media Statement, November 16, 1998.

Selected Manuscripts (Masters Theses Completed at Howard University)

Bryant, Otis. The Howard University Student Protest Movement:  A Quest for Student Empowerment, 1965-1970.  (MSRC M378.242H B841 1992)

Campbell, Lydia Bernice. Follow-up Study of the Graduates of the Department of Education at Howard University From 1953 to 1969.

Davis, Annett E. Primary Reasons Foreign Students Attend Howard University. 1964

Gary, Evelyn R. A Comparative Study of Academic Achievement of Employed and Non-Employed Students at Howard University.  1964

Jackson, Albert. A Comparison of the Academic Achievement of Jamaican Students With Their Performance on the Scholastic Aptitude Test and the Different Grade Levels of the Cambridge School Certification Examinations.  1964.

Johnson, Wilmer Lewis. A Comparison Between the Health Knowledge of College Freshmen Entering Howard University with a Background in Health Education at the Secondary Level and Freshmen Entering Howard University without a Background in Health Education at the Secondary Level.

Jones, Carolyn  Michelle B. Selected Socio - Educational Variables and Their Relationship to the Academic Achievement of Scholarship Recipients. Howard University, Washington, DC. 1969.

Mc Donald, Andrew A. Relationship Between Sub-tests Scores of  Cooperative Reading and APA's in Certain General Education Courses at Howard University 1968.

Michael, Mae Wanda. Perceived Parental Behavioral Characteristics Reported by Negro Graduate Students Preparing for Professional Careers in Social Work and Biological Research.  1969.

Mitchell, Patricia Flynn. The Relevance of the Foreign Language Requirement to the Academic Career Performances of the Recipients of the Degree of Masters of Arts in Education at Howard University from 1945-1968.  1970.

Myles, Tom. Centennial Plus1; A Photographic and Narrative Account of the Black Student Revolution. Howard University, 1965-1968.

Onwere, Godfrey Obilo. The Self - Perceived Problems of West African Students at Howard University. Howard University, Washington, DC. 1968.

Spencer, Carol Lynne. A Study of the Effect of Participation in Financial Aid Programs on the Academic Performance of Students at Howard University. 1969.

Washington, Mary. The Relationship of the Aptitude and of the  Advance Tests of the Graduate Record Exam to Graduates' Academic Achievements at Howard University.  1969.

1960s Retrospective Links

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