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Selected Simulations


Applets for Chemistry, Biology, Biochemistry, Mathematics, Physics and Earth Sciences
(some commercial sites)

Is an authoring environment that enables students, teachers and curriculum developers to create their own models. NetLogo is simple enough that students and teachers can easily run simulations or even build their own.

A tool used to map various types of environmental information, including air releases, drinking water, toxic releases, hazardous wastes, water discharge permits, and Superfund sites. Select a geographic area within EnviroMapper and view the different facilities that are present within that area. Create maps at the national, state, and county levels, and link them to environmental text reports. You can even insert dynamically created maps in your own WebPages. If you have a web browser, you can use EnviroMapper. Need to register and download openlink wizard.

MDL Chime
A plug-in that interactively displays 2D and 3D molecules directly in WebPages. You can rotate, reformat, and save the molecules for use in other programs.

StarLogo (Mac only)
This programmable modeling environment is for building and exploring multi-level systems. These Connected models are: Art Models, Biology, Evolutionary Models, Genetic Drift, Medical Models, Mathematics, Chemistry, Earth Science, Physics, Social Models, Systems/Computer Science.

Wildlife Ecology Software
Applications such as habitat analysis, diversity indices, simulations, general population dynamics, capture/recapture, survival, energetics, statistics, home range, and telemetry.

WISE Project's Tutorials
Interactive statistics tutorials are designed to provide guidance and also allow students the opportunity to experiment with options, Sampling Distribution of the Mean
Central Limit Theorem, Hypothesis Testing, Intro to Statistical Power Correlation and Regression, The t-test Tutorial, Choosing the Correct Test Signal Detection Theory, Utility and Decision Making.

Thinking Visible
Design models or visualizations to assist learners understand complex concepts.

Statistical / Graphics Software
Create lively interactive simulations for math, reading, science and more. Creator can be used for any subject, for any grade level, by both boys and girls, and by students with a wide variety of learning styles.
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