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Howard University Faculty Publications : Overview

The Howard University Faculty Authors database, called Scholarship@Howard, is an interactive list of faculty publications and projects since January 1995. The List was posted on the WWW for the first time on April 20, 1997, during the Spring Celebration of HU Faculty Authors, an annual event established by former HU President, H. Patrick Swygert, in 1996.

Sholarship@Howard is a simplified, cost-effective "institutional repository," conceived for quick and convenient accessibility to HU scholarly production.

Objectives of the system:

  • To document individual faculty scholarship
  • To document student research scholarship and creative activity performed in partnership with faculty
  • To identify areas of research and interdisciplinary work
  • To demonstrate departmental and school/college scholarly productivity
  • To help prospective talented students and faculty as they explore a university to pursue study or a career
  • To serve the campus public relations program
  • To respond to stakeholders, especially funding agencies/legislative personnel, and accrediting bodies who demand accountability.

While online search tools in all disciplines are mined to identify and extract many of our faculty publications, a good number of these are inevitably missed, especially in the social sciences and humanities, and so we rely on faculty input to ensure completeness of this database.

The HU Faculty Authors database is updated continually. Faculty members in all University divisions are requested to send feedback for changes in existing entries in the database, and to submit new citations--books, articles, reviews, exhibition catalogs, multimedia programs, patents, architectural projects, etc., that are not already listed.

Please provide complete bibliographic information, including:

  • Authors/co-authors placing a single asterisk (*) before each HU authors, and double asterisk (**) before HU student co-author(s)
  • List authors in order published
  • Full title of article
  • Volume/issue/date of journal
  • Page numbers
  • URL, if full-text article is accessible via WWW
  • If your article is part of an edited book, provide full title of book and page numbers for your article; name of editor(s); publisher, place and year of publication

NOTE: Abstracts of papers presented at conferences, place of worship newsletter items, outlines, and the like are not within the scope of this database. However, full-length conference/symposium articles in published proceedings are included. Additionally, the citation for an abstract will be included if the author deposits with the Library a full-text digital copy of the article to which the citation will be linked.

Beginning in 2003, the Library maintains special pages listing book-length works in each year, including cover if available. If you have published a book in the current year, or were the editor/co-editor of an entire issue of a journal, please submit for inclusion on this special page.

Additions to the database is continuous throughout the year. An electronic fill-in form is provided.

Avoid duplicate entries by first checking the entries already in the library database.

Send all correspondence to the Editor, mmekkawi@gmail.com. Please include contact info—phone number and name of your academic department.

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