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Purchasing Policies and Procedures Manual
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Purchasing Manual
Appendix X.3
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Format of the Limit Sum Order

Purchase Orders for Limit Sum Orders shall be prepared in the following format and contain all pertinent information:

  1. Type Of Order: Limit Sum (multiple)
  2. Supplies or services required (types of supplies or services, general or specific)
  3. Persons(s) authorized to place order(s) (see item 8 below)
  4. Statement on Limitations:
    1. Maximum amount of order
    2. Statement of Restriction:
      Supplies and/or services are restricted to items specified under the general/specific requirements statement with no exceptions.
    3. Statement on Consignment:
      This order shall not be consigned to a third party without prior approval by the Materials Management Department (MMD).
  5. Period of the order.
  6. Basis of pricing, delivery terms and applicable discounts.
  7. Invoicing Procedures:
    Invoices shall be itemized and a copy of invoice or packing list must accompany each shipment. Price shall not vary from the negotiated price or the price at the time of ordering. Proforma invoicing shall not be allowed. Invoices from third parties will not be honored.
  8. 8. Other restrictions:
    1. Name of person(s) authorized to place orders.
    2. Shipment instructions
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