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Purchasing Manual
IV. Central Purchasing Organization and Authority
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A. Organizational Placement within the University
B. Organization Chart
C. Organizational Responsibilities

A. Organizational Placement within the University

The Materials Management Department (MMD) is responsible for buying several million dollars of supplies, equipment, and services annually. In this role, the Department must interface with various users and technical disciplines that are outside the purchasing unit itself, and deal with vendors to ensure timely and quality service. To accomplish these responsibilities, the Department must be able to deal with user departments and vendors alike from a position of authority commensurate with its responsibilities. Accordingly, the purchasing function is organized as a separate department which reports directly to the Vice Provost for Administration. This organizational alignment places the Materials Management Department (MMD) on an equivalent level with the users it services, thereby providing a basis for direct and effective communication and coordination. The Director of MMD is vested with the authority, subject to approval by the Vice Provost for Administration, to establish and monitor compliance with those purchasing policies and procedures which are deemed necessary to the accomplishment of the University's purchasing program.

B. Organizational Chart

The Materials Management Department (MMD) is structured around five functional areas: Administration, Procurement Services, Central Services, Property Management and Military Property Custodian. This structure is intended to promote the optimum in effective operations by avoiding duplication of effort and streamlining lines of communication among MMD personnel and the university community. MMD is also responsible for the operation of the general stores and delivery activities.

C. Organizational Responsibilities

Each position on the organization chart encompasses certain functions/responsibilities which are to be performed by the designated personnel. The following pages briefly summarize these responsibilities in terms of the tasks to be accomplished.


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