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Purchasing Manual
V. Scope of Central Purchasing Organization and Authority
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Procurement of all materials and services for Howard University except for honorariums, travel requests, and professional services, shall be conducted by the Purchasing activity, under the supervision of the MMD Director. To this end, the Materials Management Department (MMD) shall maintain bidders' lists and bid performance history, bid specification files, and purchasing document files. The Department shall also maintain a current file of vendor catalogues which will be made available to departments, upon request.

        Any employee of Howard University who procures materials or services without authorization by i.e. the issuance of a request for purchases supported by an approved purchase order or authorized procurement document shall be personally liable to the vendor for the value of such materials or services. The established purchasing policies of the University govern all procurement transactions for materials or services regardless of the source of University funds.

        The Materials Management Department (MMD) shall operate a General Stores and a Central Receiving facility. Materials that are commonly used items will be stocked in the General Stores warehouse and indexed in the General Stores catalogue. MMD shall review and update the catalogue on a scheduled basis and will distribute the Stores catalogue throughout the University. All departments are required to purchase materials from General Stores if the materials are available. Personnel who violate this policy shall be personally liable for the amount of the purchase regardless of the source of funds. Central Receiving shall receive all bulk materials ordered by user departments and deliver the items to the department, except in the case of drop-ship orders which will be delivered directly to the user

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