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Purchasing Manual
XI. Central Receiving
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   A. Inspection
   B. Receiving Report
   C. Delivery to User Departments


All commodities purchased by the University must be delivered to the Central Receiving facility except those items which must be installed or are drop-shipped.. Central Receiving shall inspect and account for all items delivered. Central Receiving is responsible for the delivery of items to users departments.

A. Inspection

Central Receiving inspects all items when delivered by vendors. Quantities received shall be verified with quantities listed on the purchase order. Commodity descriptions contained on the purchase order shall match with commodities received.  All commodities shall be inspected for damage.  All discrepancies shall be reported immediately.

B. Receiving Report

The Receiving Report shall be completed by Central Receiving personnel when items are delivered and distributed to the user department and the Office of the Comptroller. When goods or services are shipped/provided direct user department will complete report and send completed report to Central Receiving for final processing. All shipments to user departments will be specially noted for "Inside Delivery".

C. Delivery to User Departments

Central Receiving shall deliver all items designated for user departments to the location specified on the Purchase Order. Merchandise received shall be delivered to user departments on a daily basis.

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