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Purchasing Policies and Procedures Manual
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Purchasing Manual
XVII. Index
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Adjustments to Purchase Orders
Air and Gas Products Program
Appendix X.1
Appendix X.2
Appendix X.3
Approving Specification

Bid Changes
Bid Evaluation and Award
Bid Opening
Bid Withdrawal
Bidders Conducting a Hearing for Aggrieved
Bid Specifications
Bidders' List
Bidding Competitive
Bidding Process, Exceptions to the Normal Competitive
Bids, Informal
Bids, Unsigned

Cancellation of A Purchase Order
Central Purchasing Organization and Authority
Central Receiving
Competitive Bidding
Conducting a Hearing for Aggrieved Bidders
Contract Award Letter
Cooperative Purchasing
Credit Returns to General Stores
Custodial Responsibilities

Definition of the Lowest Responsible Responsive Bidder
Delivery to User Departments
Developing Specifications
Disposal of Surplus Property
Disposition and Report of Surplus Property

Emergency Purchases
Encumbrance Method
Equipment Identification Procedures
Equipment Inventory
Exceptions to the Normal Competitive Bidding Process

Failure of All Bidders to Meet Bid Specifications
Failure to Meet Bid Specifications
Financial Arrangements with User Departments
Financial Arrangements with Vendor
Formal Bid
Fund Availability Verification

G - N
General Stores
General Stores Catalogue
General Stores, Credit Returns to
Informal Bids
Late Bids
Library Books
Limit Sum Encumbrance Method
Maintenance Of Bidders' List
Monitoring Vendor Performance

O - Q
Order Processing
Open Purchase Order File
Organization Of Bidders' List
Organization Chart
Organizational Placement within the University
Organizational Responsibilities
Purchase Orders, Adjustments to
Purchase Order, Cancellation of a
Purchasing Objectives
Performance Bonds
Preparation of Request for Purchases
Preparation for Invitation for Bids
Prequalification For Bidders' List
Property and Equipment Management
Purchases, Small
Purpose of Specifications

R - T
Receipt and Opening of Bids
Regular Encumbrance Method
Receiving Report
Request for Purchases, Preparation of
Requesting Items from General Stores
Restrictive Specifications
Review of Request for Purchases (RFP)
Safeguarding University Property
Sale for Scrap
Sale to Outside Parties
Sales Tax Exemption
Scope of Central Purchasing Organization and Authority
Sole Source Purchases
Special Commodities
Specifications, Developing
Standards of Conduct and Practice
Standard Specifications
Surplus Property, Disposal of
Surplus Property, Disposition and Report of
Telephone Quotations
Tie Bids
Title to Property and Equipment
Transfer and Disposal of Surplus/Obsolete Furniture and Equipment
Transfers to Other Departments

U - Z
Use Of The Bidder's List
Updating the Purchasing Manual
Vendor Complaints
Vendor Protests and Complaints
Vendor Protest of an Award
Vendors to be Solicited
Viewing and Acquiring Surplus Furniture and Equipment

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