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Purchasing Manual
I. Introduction
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Howard University operates a central Purchasing Activity which procures all materials and services to include certain professional services for the University. This manual defines the responsibilities and authorities of the Materials Management Department (MMD) and sets forth purchasing policies and practices to be followed by all University departments.

The manual is designed as a quick reference guide to operating policies and procedures to be used by personnel who are involved in the procurement of goods and services. The manual contains chapters which address the prescribed procedural and administrative policies and practices associated with each element of the University's purchasing cycle. The manual also explains the organizational placement of central purchasing, and describes the internal organization of the purchasing operation in terms of functional assignments, responsibilities, lines of communications and reporting. Throughout the manual, particular attention is devoted to various aspects of internal control, and approval and review procedures. 

The placement of a general stores and receiving system, to be used by all university departments, is operational. This system is managed by MMD. Pertinent operating policies regarding the operation and use of General stores is included in this manual.

In the event of any changes to the extent and/or nature of the present purchasing operations, certain modifications, additions, and deletions to the manual may be necessary.  Although certain portions of the manual may not be directly relevant to an individual's immediate area of responsibility, personnel involved in the procurement of goods or services must be familiar with all phases of the purchasing program. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that the manual be read in its entirety. This will ensure that all University personnel clearly understand the interrelationship and importance of their respective roles and how they combine to accomplish the objectives of the University's purchasing program.

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