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Purchasing Manual
III. Standards of Conduct and Practice
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It is the intent of the Materials Management Department (MMD) to maintain the highest level of professional conduct and excellence in the conduct of its operations. To this end, it is essential that the purchasing program be conducted in an equitable and fair manner, and that purchasing practices and decisions are consistent with the best interest of the University.

Therefore, the Materials Management Department maintains membership in and has adopted the principles advocated by the National Association of Educational Buyers, and the National Association of Purchasing Managers. These standards of purchasing practice are categorized into two areas--conflict of interest and professional code of conduct. The specific standards adopted by the University in each of these areas are as follows:

A. Conflict of Interest

  • Outside business relationships between University personnel directly involved in the purchasing process and vendors conducting business with the University are prohibited.
  • All employees are prohibited from being agents for vendor/contractors and from signing any contracts, on behalf of an agent, with Howard University. 
  • All employees must decline personal gifts or gratuities which may in any way influence their professional judgment.
  • All competitive bidders will be given equal consideration and each bid will be regarded as a unique transaction and evaluated on its merits. To this end, fair, ethical, and legal trade practices shall be fostered and promoted.
  • All commodities are to be purchased without prejudice and with the objective of obtaining the maximum value for the University.
  • The Director of Materials Management has the authority to take appropriate disciplinary action against personnel who have violated any of these conflict of interest standards. It is also the policy of the University that any contract entered into as a conflict of interest shall be null and void. Furthermore, personnel directly responsible for such transaction will be held personally liable for any resulting losses and/or damages which may be sustained by the University as a result of such transaction.

B. Professional Practices

The following standards of practice have been adopted as a measure of the professionalism expected of all University employees involved in the purchasing process:

  • To consider first the interests of the University and conduct operations in              accordance with its established mission, objectives, policies, and standards.
  • To provide a courteous and prompt reception to all persons who are on a legitimate business mission.
  • To be willing to submit to arbitration for any major controversies.
  • To cooperate with all organizations and individuals engaged in activities designed to enhance the development and standards of the University's purchasing program.
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