Biomedical Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Laboratory
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The laboratory is equipped with a molecular imaging core, a molecular biology core and a mechanical and electronic shop for conducting RF probes.
  • Molecular Imaging Core
    The laboratory has two state-of-art NMR machines; a Varian 4.7 Tesla (200 MHz), 33 cm horizontal bore NMR machine and a Bruker 9.4 Tesla (400 MHz), 89 mm bore size NMR machine. Both NMR machines are capable of performing MRI as well as spectroscopy studies. The NMR laboratory has Sun workstations, a server and several personal computers for spectroscopy data and image processing. All the computers are networked together and linked to the university computer center. The laboratory also has a Xenogen IVIS 200 imaging system which has brought physics and biology together for the practice of real-time in vivo imaging. It is one of the most highly sensitized imaging systems on the market. This IVIS® Imaging System includes a sensitive CCD camera, a dark imaging chamber to minimize incident light, and specialized software to quantify and analyze the results. The IVIS® Imaging Systems are currently being used for genomics, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical product research and development. Data gathered from animal models based on the real-time in vivo imaging technology allow researchers to better understand the mechanisms of diseases and drug effects.

  • Molecular Biology Core
    The laboratory also has a core of molecular biology, which is equipped with the necessary equipments for cell culture, molecular analysis and molecular probe construction.

  • Mechanical and Electronic Shop
    The mechanical and electronic shop is designed to conduct RF probes for various imaging purposes and various sizes of animals.

Varian 4.7 Tesla (200 MHz), 33 cm horizontal bore NMR machine

Bruker 9.4 Tesla (400 MHz), 89 mm bore size NMR machine

Xenogen IVIS 200 imaging system  

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