Biomedical Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Laboratory
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An important objective of the Biomedical Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Laboratory is to conduct  and encourage interdisciplinary collaborations among university scientists in a wide range of topics relevant to:

  1. Cellular and structural biology;
  2. Drug design and drug metabolism; and
  3. Small animal imaging of disease models.

Laboratory Director

Paul C. Wang, Ph.D.
Department of Radiology
Howard University College of Medicine

BNMR Scientific Focus Areas

Research Projects

  • MR Image Enhancement by Tumor Cell Targeted Immunoliposome Complex Delivered Contrast Agent.
  • Imaging the Effects of Macrophage Function on Tumor Promotion.
  • NMR Studies of Phosphorus Metabolites of Breast Cancer Cells Using an Improved Cell Perfusion System.
  • F19 NMR Detection of Trifluoperazine Crossing Blood-Brain-Barrier Through Pgp Modulation
  • Tumor-targeted MR Contrast Enhancement by Anti-transferrin Receptor scFv-Immunoliposome Nanoparticles.
  • Enhanced Molecular Imaging with Fused Optical and MRI Images.

Guidelines for User Access to NMR Laboratory

Prospective new users will be asked to submit to the BNMR director a short (i.e., no more than 5-page) summary of the project that they propose to perform with use of core instrumentation.

A scientific review committee charged with assessing the feasibility and scientific merit of the project will then review the project summary. This committee will be composed of the core director, unit coordinator, and three other faculty members chosen from various departments within the College of Medicine. The committee will report back to the inquiring investigator.

The spirit of the review process will be to explore and promote multidisciplinary collaborative research. The facility is intended to be open to all investigators at the University that are deemed to have a defined project that may reasonably be pursued, in part or whole, with the instrumentation and guidance available in the core. It is not expected that every approved user will be a formal collaborator with the core, although core staff is open to such considerations.

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