Campus Shuttle Schedules, Maps & Rules

South Campus Route - (MS)² to and from Howard University Campus

Pick- up/Drop-off Point: 6th Street & Howard Place

From Shaw-Howard Univ. Metro Station - Green Line
Exit the Shaw-Howard U. Metro station from the 7th Street/Georgia Avenue entrance, turn right/north and proceed approximately six blocks until you have reached the main campus of Howard University.
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Shuttle Bus Policies and Rules

* All patrons must present a valid ID card
* Patrons must board and discharge at authorized shuttle bus stops. (Drivers will only stop at authorized stops)
* The following are prohibited on all Howard University shuttle buses:
* Eating and drinking
* Smoking
* Playing radios/Walkmans/CD players, etc. w/o headphones
* Fighting
* Driver harassment
* Profanity
* Defacing shuttle bus

Complaints, recommendations, and general comments regarding the Howard University shuttle service are welcome and should be addressed to the Director, Parking & Shuttle Operations ( address any questions to Office of Parking & Shuttle Operations, 202-806-2000.