(MS)² In the News

27th Annual Washington Informer Spelling Bee

April 2009


Education Secretary Arne Duncan and
Talk Show Host Tom Joyner Visit (MS)²

26 February 2009

Howard Middle School Teacher
Named D.C. Teacher of the Year

5 December 2008

Excellence Equals (MS)²

Howard Magazine
Winter 2008

(MS)² talks to National Public Radio (NPR)
Young Swimmer Earns Hank Aaron Chasing the Dream Scholarship

2008 Spelling Bee Winners

Middle School of Mathematics and Science Meets Benchmark

Howard Magazine
Spring 2008

Benefit Planned for Howard University Middle School of Mathematics and Science

The Washington Informer
29 November 2007

(MS)² : A Model School for Modern Times

Howard Magazine
Winter 2006

Howard to Put Innovations to the Test

The Washington Post
6 March 2005

(MS)² : Reigniting the Passion for Learning

Howard Magazine
Spring 2005

Bridging the Gap between Equations and Formulas

Howard Magazine
Spring 2004

Trying to Open Doors To Math and Science

The Washington Post
2 August 2004


University to Open Middle School

The Hilltop
8 March 2004




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