2008 Spelling Bee Winners





Avery Coffey is the 2nd place winner of the 26th Annual City-wide Scripps Washington Informer Spelling Bee. Presently a 6th grade student at the Howard University Middle School of Mathematics and Science, Avery has an affinity for words and mathematics. He describes himself as “A boy who loves school”. He plans to become a mathematician and entrepreneur in the future.



Nia Christian is an 8th grade student. She was a 2nd place winner in the Scripps Non-DCPS Regional Spelling Bee and a finalist in the 26th Annual Washington Informer City-Wide Scripps Spelling Bee. Nia loves words and was excited about the opportunity to compete. Her other extra-curricula activities include Toy Challenge and the Solar Car Competition. Nia enjoys math and science and plans to attend McKinnley Technical High School in the fall. She also aspires to one day become an engineer.



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