Space Entrepreneurship Forum

Thirty of our (MS)² scholars attended the Space Entrepreneurship Forum on Capitol Hill at the Rayburn House Office Building on Wednesday, September 23, 2009 and in a room full of government and private sector space travel experts and Congresswomen, our students were incredibly impressive and stole the show. They were able to interact extensively with the new Administrator of NASA, Charles Bolden, Jr., as well as the top executives of the leading private sector firms in the outer space service industry.

The clear highlight of the day came when Leaunteen Barnes, was presented with a certificate for a trip on a ³Zero G Flight² for being one of our most improved 8th Grade students. Eric Anderson, CEO of Space Adventures, the only company that makes it possible for private civilians to travel to outer space, was on hand to personally present Leaunteen with the certificate. Leauteen was the only student selected out of tens of thousands of teenagers in the Mid Atlantic region to take part in this experience, which is valued at a cost of $5,000.

Leaunteen Barnes receiving her certificate.
Pictured in the photo are: Eric Anderson, CEO of Space Adventures; Rep. Donna Edwards; Leaunteen Barnes; Charles Bolden, Jr.; and former NFL star and President of JAKA Consulting Group, Ken Harvey.

Leaunteen Barnes with two astronauts who recently returned from the International Space Station

The Zero G experience is an actual airplane flight that leaves from a private hangar at Dulles Airport. The plane is a retrofitted Boeing 727 that flies up to about 35,000 feet and then flies in a parabolic pattern that creates 30 second pockets of weightlessness. Leaunteen will spend four hours taking part in this adventure, with two of those hours being actual flying time.

Below is a link with more information about the Zero Gravity Flight.