2012 Summer Academy Enrichment Programs

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The staff at The Howard University Middle School of Mathematics and Science (MS)2 has been working diligently to make this year’s Summer Academy Enrichment Program a wonderful experience for all of our students. The selections available, while academically stimulating, are also fun and exciting; however, space is limited.

The Enrichment Programs will not be available to students who receive a mandatory notification letter for Summer Academy BRIDGE Program or Summer Academy RECOVERY Program.

ENRICHMENT CAMPS (9:00 am - 1:00 pm)

· CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION (CSI) Camp – June 25 – July 6, 2012*
Campers involved in our Crime Scene Investigation Course will become a forensic scientist for the session. They will analyze the evidence gathered from a fictional crime scene, use luminal to check for the presence of blood, gather and compare fingerprints and shoe prints, and much more.

· HEALTH CAREER CAMP– June 25 – July 6, 2012 *
If you are interested in a career in health care, you have more choices than you probably realize. There are doctors, nurses, dentists and paramedics, of course. However,there are also clinical laboratory technologists, phlebotomists, dental hygienists, radiologic technicians, physician’s assistants and respiratory therapists, just to name a few more. Science Connections for Health Careers camp can teach you about these health-care jobs and others. In this camp, you will get hands-on experience and laboratory investigations, talk to real professionals and embark on exciting field trips to find out just how fun the various careers can be! Come join us as you discover your future amazing career!
*These camps occur simultaneously, therefore you can only register for one camp.

· ARCHITECTURE CAMP– July 9 – July 13, 2012
The intent of the course is to introduce students to the field of architecture and planning. This program will relate architecture to their lives in the District of Columbia. The course will educate them on the use of architecture while applying the lessons they have learned in mathematics and science. Students will learn the importance of design, programming of spaces and design presentation. They will be educated on materials and how these materials are put together to form structures. The end result is to give the students the opportunity to think and act like professional Architects.

· BUSINESS CAMP– July 16 – July 20, 2012
Students will be introduced to the concept of learning how to start their own small business. Students will become economically productive members of society by improving their academic, business, technology, and life skills. In the process, they develop an important understanding about business, lifelong learning, and themselves.

· WEATHER CAMP– July 23 – Jul 27, 2012
Please note that this camp's times are 9:00 am - 4:00 pm.
Campers will receive broad exposure and training in weather forecasting, environmental modeling, and measurements. Over the course of the program, students will receive exposure to the college experience through their interactions on campus, interactions with Atmospheric Sciences STEM and much more. Campers will also build their own hot air balloons.

Applications can be filled out and submitted online and you may select a maximum of four (4) programs offered. Students must come daily in Summer Academy Uniform—(MS)2 logo collar shirt, khaki or navy blue bottoms. Once you have completed the application online, the Department of Supplemental Programs (DOSP) will notify you of your status. Please feel free to call the Main Office at (202) 806-7725 if you have any questions. Thank you.


Lee Vason
Summer Academy Director

Kofi Handon
Acting Director of Instruction

here is the link for the application http://www.jotformpro.com/form/21566357743965