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CARTER, Arthur (Art) (1911-1988)    BPOH 1
Editor and publisher of the Washington Afro-American, founder and past president of the Capital Press Club and one of the country's few Black war correspondents during World War II. Discusses racial discrimination in journalism during the 1930s, '40s and '50s; the effect of the civil rights movement in improving employment opportunities in the 1960s and in contributing to the decline of the Black Press. Recalls the various positive influences in his life. Describes his life as a war correspondent. Discusses William O. Walker of the Cleveland Call & Post.
Interviewer: Keith Andrew Pittman
Date: November 9, 1981
Format: Transcript, 61 pages; tape not available
Tape length:
Restrictions: Standard

COLEMAN, Milton    BPOH 2
Editor of the Metro section of The Washington Post. Interviewed in 1981 when he was City editor for the paper. Discusses his life and career to that point. Chronicles his early years, education and aspirations for a career in musicology. Recalls the events that altered these plans and precipitated his entry into the field of journalism, explores his motivation for moving from the Black to the white press and explains his reluctance to advance from reporter to editor when the City editor position was offered. Comments on the subject of racism in the newsroom, discusses the responsibility of a Black reporter/editor to the Black community, and briefly reviews the Janet Cooke episode, placing it in perspective.
Interviewer: Freddie A. Brown Jr.
Date: October 20, 1981
Format: Transcript, 19 pages; tape not available
Tape Length:
Restrictions: Standard
LEWIS, MATTHEW (1930- )    BPOH 3
Assistant Managing Editor of Photography, the Washington Post. Discusses his family background, early life, education and employment before becoming a photographer. Chronicles his efforts to work full time as a photojournalist, and the people who influenced his work. Discusses the highlights of his career at the Post. Transcript includes several photographs from Mr. Lewis' collection.
Interviewer: Carroll Gibbs
Date: March 1986
Format: Transcript, 42 pages; tape not available
Tape length:
Restrictions: Standard for the transcript; photographs may not be duplicated.

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