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Other Manuscript Collections

Researchers interested in using any of the collections listed below should contact the Curator of the Manuscript Division prior to making an appointment to do research. Some of these collections have had certain restrictions placed on them by the donor and/or MSRC; some are stored in facilities other than the Center, including commercial storage. Some have inventories which can be transmitted electronically; others have inventories which can be photocopied and mailed via regular mail. A smaller number have no listing.

Also be aware that for those collections stored in the commercial storage facility, the cost of retrieving them must be passed on to the researcher.  For information on the fees, please contact the Curator.

AASC (African American Scholars Council).
Access (Action Coordinating Committee to End Segregation in the Suburbs)
Accra Evening News (Kwame Nkrumah Papers).
Action Coordinating Committee to End Segregation in the Suburbs.
(See Access)
Adams, Anthony
Adams, Charles F.
AEAONMS Archives
Afram Associates
African-American Scholars Council (AASC)
African-American Institute
African American Museums Association
Afro-American Newspaper Collection
Aggrey, O. Rudolph
AKA Archives.
All African News Service
Allen, Lillian
Allen, William Duncan
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority (See AKA Archives)
Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.
Alpha Wives of Washington, D.C., Inc.
American Society of African Culture (AMSAC)
Andrews, Richard T. (Rev.)
Anti-Slavery/Slave Papers (see Maggie Wilson Smoot)
Archives of African-American Architects
Association for the Study of Afro-American Life and History
Association of Black Anthropologists
Association of Black Sociologists
Association of Former Interns and Residents of Howard University Hospital
Association of Howard University Retirees

Bailey, Claudia McConnell
Baltimore, Thelma (See Lane-Baltimore Family)
Baraka, Amiri
Barden, Annie P.
Barrow, Lionel C., Jr.
Bayton, James A.
Bellegarde, Dantes
Berhane, Farika
Bermuda Genealogical Archives
Bernard W. Brooks Quander Family Collection
Berry, Mary Frances
Billingsley, Andrew
Black Caucus of Health Workers (APHA)
Black Classic Press
Black Film Review Archives
Black Panther Party Archives
Black Scholars Book Club
Blackburn, Armour
Blake, Elias, Jr.
Blakely, Allison
Bon-Ton Club, Inc.
Booth, Reverend L. Venchael
Brimmer, Andrew
Brooke, Edward W. III
Brown, Charles
Brown, Clifton
Brown, Helen and Elsie
Brown, James - slave (See Dutchess County Gardeners Diary)
Brown, Oscar Jr.
Brown, Sterling A.
Brown, Wesley A.
Browne, Vincent J.
Burch, Mildred
Burnette, William
Butcher, James W.
Butler, Broadus

California Black College Faculty and Staff Assn.
Campbell, Kathryn
Cape Verdean Collection
Capital Press Club
Carruthers, Benjamin F.
Chen-Young, Monica.
Chippey Collection
Chisley, Evelyn
Church of the Living God.  (see Tate-Louis Foundation).
Civil War Ledgers/U.S.C.T. Clothing Books (see U.S. Colored Troops in the Civil War)
Clark, Samuel H.
Clore Collection
Club Twenty
Cobb, Howard, Hayes, Windsor
Cobb, W. Montague
Cole, Laura - See Golf Archives
Cole-Johnson, Nathalie
Coleman Family
Coleman, Charles K.
Coleman, James Nelson
Columbia Education Association
Committee for the Renaissance
Congressional Black Caucus
Cooke, Paul
Cooper, Esther
Craft-Claggett Family
Crockett, George C. Jr.
Cultural Reserve Collection

Daniel, Irvin S.
Daniel, Walter G.
Danley, Samuel and Theresa
Daughters of Isis.
Davis, Arthur P.
Davis, Wayne Todd
D.C. Friends of Liberia (Banner - Omnium Gatherum)
Delaney, Lemuel Estate Papers
Derricks, Wendell T. (Diary)
Diggs, Charles Jr.
Donawa, Arnold
Douglass, Joseph Henry
Duberman, Martin B.
Dunn, Tracy
Dutchess County Gardners Diary
Dutton, Benson L.

Eastern Star (Georgiana Thomas Grand Chapter - D.C.)
Edmonds, Helen G.
Edmonds, Randolph
Education for Freedom
Edwards, Cecil Hoover
Elder, Rose (see Golf Archives)
Elliot, Susie
Ellis, Charles E. (Diaries.
Evans, Delores  (scrapbook)
Evans, James C.
Evanzz, Karl.

Fauntleroy, Phyllis Gibbs
Fax, Elton C.
Felton, Zora M.
Fifty-forth Massachusetts Regiment (see Kinsley, Edward W.)
Fischer, Kurt (see Haitian Collection).
Fitzhugh, H. Naylor
Foster, Stephen
Francis, H. Minton
Freedmen's Hospital Nurses Alumni Clubs, Inc.
Freeman, Frankie Muse
Frisby, Herbert
Fry, Louis E.

Galloway, Phyllis
Gandy, Samuel
Garrett, Thaddeus
Garvin, Richard
George Jackson Movement
Georgiana Thomas Grand Chapter, DC - O.E.S. (see Eastern Star).
Gibbons, Ira - Tapes
Gizenga, Dabu  (Nkrumah Collection)
Goldberg, Herman
Goldman, Phaon
Golf Archives
Goodlett, Carlton
Greenberg, Polly
Gregg, Arthur J.
Gregory Family (additions)
Griffing, Josephine S. W.

Haitian Collection
Hale, Richard
Hall, Ruth Lewis
Hammond, Isabelle
Hansberry, William Leo
Harden, K. Albert
Harper, Thomas A.
Harris, Helen Webb
Harris, Patricia Roberts
Harris, Ruth Bates & McKenzie, Alfred
“Having Our Say” Archives
Hawthorne, Edward
Hellians, Inc.
Henderson, Jennifer Quander
Henderson, Paul
Heroines of Jericho (See Julia A. Jackson Grand Court)
Hill, Eric
Hill, Roy
Historic Cemeteries in Washington, DC
Holman, M. Car
Hoggard, Bishop J. Clinton
Hope, John
Hope, John II
Howard University Faculty Wives Club
Howard University Women's Club

International Celebration Year
Israel Metropolitan C.M.E. Church

J. Franklyn Bourne Bar Assn., Inc.
Jack and Jill of America, D.C. Chapter
Jackson, Miles
Jackson, Orein B.
Jackson, Sara D.
Jarboro, Caterina
Jernagin, William
Jessie Ayers Eastern Star Collection
Johnson, Frederick D.
Johnson, R. Walter
Johnson, Sylvia
Johnson-Acsadi, Gwen
Johnston, Percy E.
Joiner, William A.
Jones, R. Frank.
Jones, Walter A.
Jones-Wilson, Faustine
Jordan, Vernon
Josey, E. J.
Julia A. Jackson - Grand Court.

Kappa Alpha Psi - Washington Alumni Chapter
Kelly, Sharon Pratt
Kenney, John A. (M.D.).
Kerr, Thomas
Kinds, LeVander
Korn, David

Lane-Baltimore Family
Lawson, James and Mabel Howard
Lee, Ulysses G.
Leffall, La Salle, Jr., MD
Leighton, George N.
Leontyne Price Vocal Artists Competition 
Lesser, Allen
Lewis, Elsie M.
Lewis, Harold O.
Lewis, Thomas (Jazz Records Collections).
Limes, David  (Bible).
Lindsay, Inabel B.
Links, Inc.
Lorenzo Gresham Hilltop Radio Electronic Institute Collection
Lovell, John
Lucas, M. Grant
LuTour, Lou

Madella, Louise F.
Malone, Samuel L.
Mann, William Jr.
Mason, James (Smith-Mason Gallery)
Matory, William E., MD
Maynard, Aubre
Mays, Benjamin
McClarrin, Otto
McGinnis, Herschel
McGinty, Doris E.
McKenzie, Alfred (See Harris, Ruth Bates)
McNeil, Bertha/McNeil, Robert
McNeil, Pearl Walker
McNeill, William
Med-Dent, Inc. Records
Medico-Chirurgical Society
Merrick, Lyda (Negro Braille Magazine)
Metropolitan Washington Caucus of Black Librarians
Miller, Carroll L.
Million Woman March
Mitchell, Charles E.
Mitchell, Joseph E.
Mobley, Ora W.
Model Inner City Community Organizations
Moran, Ella Payne
Motley, Constance Baker
Murphy, Carl (See Afro-American Newspaper Collection)
Murphy, George B. Jr.
Murray, George

Nabrit, James
Nash, Robert J.
National Alliance of Third World Journalists
National Association for Equal Opportunity in Higher Education (see NAFEO)
National Association of Black Women Attorneys
National Association of Medical Minority Educators
National Association of Negro Business and Professional Women's Clubs, Inc.
National Association of Personnel Workers (see National Association of Student Affairs Professionals)
National Association of Student Affairs Professionals
National Black Political Convention
National Conference of Black Lawyers
National Smart Set
National Technical Association
National Welfare Rights Organization
National Wilmington l0 Defense Committee Fund Drive
Neals, Dr. Huerta
Negro Braille Magazine (see Lyda Merrick)
Negro Soldiers in the Union Army during the Civil War (l7 documents)
Nelson, William Stuart
Nethula Journal

Odd Fellows
Omnium Gatherum
Oracle Set Book Club
Order of Eastern Star (see Eastern Star)
Our Family Skate Association
Overr, Annie Lee
Owens, George & Velma

Pan African Movement USA
Panaf Books, LTD.
Parks, Lillian R.
Patton, Adell Jr.
Payne, Ethel L.
Perinbam, B. Marie
Phi Beta Kappa  (HU)
Phillips, Grace Walker
Phyllis Wheatley YWCA
Pierre-Noel, Lois Jones (See Jones, Lois Mailou)
Pinkett, Harold
Platt, Anthony
Plymouth Congregational Church
Poindexter, Hildrus
Pollard, Esther
Pride, Armistead S.
Prince Hall Masons Grand Lodge, D.C. Jurisdiction
Prometheans, Inc. (additions)

Quander Family Archives.
Quander, Nellie (See AKA Archives)

Racism and Race Relations in the Countries of the African Diaspora, 1992 - Seminar Papers
Rapley, Lucia
Rastafari Int'l Theocracy Assembly
Raullerson, Calvin
Reason Family (See Charles Lewis Reason).
Reason, Charles Lewis
Reed, George
Reeves, Frank D.
Reid, Herbert O.
Rice, David (National Negro Business League)
Richard, Henry T.
Richardson, Willis
Rivers, Francis E.
Robeson, Paul and Eslanda Papers
Robinson, Henry S.
Robinson, Hilyard
Robinson, Robert
Rolark, Wilhelmina
Rosen, Helen
Russell, Ada V.

Sandifer, Jawn
Scott, Alma J.
Scott, Edward
Scott, Roland Boyd
Shorter, Charles
Sigma Pi Phi (Alpha and Epsilon)
Silva, Omega
Singham, A. W.
Sinnette, Elinor Des Verney
Sixth Pan African Congress, NA.
Sloane, Arthur & Ruth
Smith, Alonzo Family
Smith, Fred
Smith, J. Clay
Smith, Jessica
Smith, Julia
Smith-Green, Edward
Smith-Mason Gallery (see Mason, James).
Smoot, Maggie Wilson (Anti-Slavery/Slave Papers)
Society, The
Sorrell, Maurice
Southern Africa Support Project
Southern Negro Youth Congress
Spaulding, Benjamin Family
Spaulding, Elna B. (see Asa Spaulding)
Spingarn, Stephen
Spurlock, Jeanne
Steen, William M.
Stewart, Bennett M.
Stokes, Evelyn & Reed
Sweeting, Earl

Tate, Merze
Tate-Lewis Foundation (Church of the Living God)
Taylor, Ida S.
Terrie Williams Agency
Thompson, Charles H.
Thompson, Dolphin
Tinney, James
Todd, Tomlinson
Trent, William J. Jr.
Tutt Whitney Pictorial Scrapbook

Ullman, Betty
United Board for College Development

Voirst, Milton

Waddell, William H.
Waddy, Judge Joseph
Wake Robin Golf Club
Walker, James E.
Walters, Ronald
Ware, Charles P. (additions)
Ware, Howland
Warf Family
Washington Association of Black Journalists
Washington, Mary Burke
Washington, G. L.
Washington, Lottie
Washington, Vivian
Washington, Walter E.
Waters, James T.
Watkins, Mark Hanna
Watkins, Mozella E.
Watson Family Papers
Watts, Frederick P.
Wears and Calloway
Wee Angels Inc. (see Historic Cemeteries).
Weekes, Leroy
Wesley, Charles H.
West Indies Collection
Wharton, Ferdinand D. (Diaries)
White, Alvin
White, Charles
White, Charles F.
Wilkinson, Fred
Williams, Alex
Williams, Charles E.
Williams, E. C.
Williams, Ethel James
Williams, John D.
Williams, Lorraine A.
Williams, Terrie (See Terrie Williams Agency).
Williamson, Mary O.
Williston, Augustus (Architectural Drawings)
Wilson, Clint C., Sr.
Wilson, Ernest J.
Wilson, Max
Winston, Judith A.
Winston, Michael R.
Withers, Ernest
Women's Civic Guild
Woodlawn Cemetery Records (see Historic Cemeteries)
Woods, Geraldine P.
Work, Monroe
Wormley, Stanton L.
Wright Family (R.R. Wright).

Young, Charles
Young, M. Wharton
Youth Pride, Inc.