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George Middendorf, Ph.D.

Dr. Middendorf's research focuses on reptilian and amphibian biology with emphases on their behavior, ecology, evolution, and host-parasite interactions. He has published over 20 articles including a number of papers focusing on lizard patterns of resource partitioning, ecological responses to resource availability, defensive behaviors, and barriers to dispersal. Other current research includes a biodiversity study of a tropical lowland herpetofaunal community in the Amazonian Basin of Bolivia. He has served as a ecological consultant in the analysis of USFS National Forest Plans. He is currently engaged in the development of environmental studies programs at Howard University, including the establishment of the Center for the Environment at Howard University. Middendorf is a member of numerous scientific societies, including ASB, AIBS, ASIH, Herpetologists League, SSAR, Sigma Xi, and ESA, of which he is President of the Washington Chapter.

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