Update on Howard University Haitian Relief Effort

January 21, 2010

Thank you for responding to the call! In the wake of the recent tragedy in Haiti, the family and friends of Howard University, in keeping with our tradition of helping those in need, have joined the international relief efforts to assist the people of Haiti.

Many individual and collective efforts are taking place on our campus. During the Chapel service on Sunday, January 17, a special collection for Haiti raised $15,500. A team of staff members in Student Financial Services raised another $200 from personal contributions. Next week, WHUR-FM will host a three-day fundraiser to benefit this cause. Needless to say, individuals as well as units and departments, schools and colleges across the University are responding with tremendous generosity. There is an immediate need for money and because that need is so great, we must continue to give.

To facilitate this, Howard University has established a “Haitian Relief Fund" so that donors may give online by simply going to the University home web page at www.howard.edu/haiti. There you can make your much-needed contribution to the Howard University "Haitian Relief Fund" and to see a list of HU “Haiti-related news and events.”

We are committed to ensuring that 100% of the funds donated through Howard University expeditiously reach the intended destination and that the other support efforts from our family members are coordinated. As a result, President Sidney A. Ribeau has asked Dr. Bernard Richardson, Dean of the Andrew Rankin Memorial Chapel, to chair the Howard University Haitian Relief Committee responsible for:

• Determining the channels and most important use of contributions made through Howard, and
• Organizing and coordinating the University’s short and long term responses.

The committee is comprised of students, faculty, staff and administrators who will work together as a central team. In addition, several schools and colleges, particularly the Health Sciences, are exploring ways they can help within their disciplines. For this, they are lauded and encouraged.

All are asked to do the following:

• Inform Dean Richardson and the central HU Haitian Relief Committee of any University-based activities around this effort; This will allow us to be coordinated and to have the greatest impact.
• Check the Web site routinely for updates www.howard.edu/haiti

We know the recovery road is long, but the Haitian people have the support of Howard University.