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2011 Halloween Hints
Dear Howard University Community:

Whether you transform yourself into a horrific goblin or ghoul, don the fashionable outfits of a flapper or a fairy princess, join your friends in being the entire cast from the Rocky Horror Picture Show or just go as “yourself”, make sure that the only “spooks” you get are for fun. Follow these safety tips and your night will be a real “scream”.

In the movies, the person who wanders off or walks alone is the one who usually gets into the most trouble. Remember – there’s safety in numbers. Make sure you and your friends stick together and watch out for one another.

What’s lurking in the dark? Unfortunately, not everyone has good intentions on this night of the “paranormal.” While you’re out there enjoying the treats of the night, always be aware of your surroundings and any “tricks” that may put you in danger or get you in trouble. Tip: Instead of walking, call a cab to get home safely.

Although witches’ brews and “spirited” cocktails may be flowing, if you drink alcoholic beverages, set a limit and play it safe. You’ll need your judgment to make if through the crowds safety. Tip: Eating a meal before you drink, sipping drinks slowly and having a non-alcoholic beverage in between drinks (water is best!!) will keep the hangover from howling the next day.

Have you ever been told not to accept candy from strangers? Well, it’s not a good idea to accept your drinks from them, either. Always know where your Franken-“stein” is and never leave your drink unattended. Some “monsters” carry date rape drugs like GHB and watch for their chance to take advantage of others.

Police officers (the real ones—not the ones who are in “costume” for the night) are there to keep you and everyone else safe. Ignoring laws and safety instructions can create truly frightening experiences.

If you’re driving, watch out for the little people. The smaller superheroes, cartoon characters, and ghosts descending on the neighborhoods Halloween night may be more interested in checking out their candy stash than paying attention to on-coming traffic. Let this be a night to remember for everyone!

Have fun and be safe!
HU Department of Public Safety

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