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Update Concerning the
Trustee Scholarship 2011-12 Award Process

What Is the Trustee Scholarship Program?  The program was developed as a merit-based scholarship program to support the highest academically performing students in each school and college. Students with annual grade point averages (GPA) of 3.00 or higher, earned while maintaining full-time enrollment each semester for the prior academic year, are eligible to be considered as potential scholarship recipients.
The University’s Trustee Scholarship program is one of several that are available to help students pay for their education, including the Freshman Scholarship program (i.e., Presidential, Laureate, Founders, Capstone and Legacy scholarships), and the Mordecai Wyatt Johnson, Transfer, and ROTC scholarship programs. 
Trustee Scholarship awards are made for each school/college to the students with the highest annual GPAs until all funds are awarded.  The program stipulates that awards are to be made in full or half-tuition amounts, and may not be awarded to students who have scholarships/grants specifically designated to cover tuition (e.g. freshman scholarships, athletic scholarships).  The Trustee Scholarship is not a renewable award, and no student is guaranteed an award offer. A student who was awarded a Trustee Scholarship during the prior academic year, based on a particular GPA, may not receive an award the following year because of the competitive nature of other students’ GPAs and available funding.

How Was the Trustee Scholarship Award Process Changed?  The University-Wide Scholarship Committee implemented a revised procedure for awarding Trustee Scholarship for the 2011-2012 academic year to improve the program’s equity and efficiency. Historically, schools/colleges used different criteria to select Trustee Scholarship recipients.  In some instances, the criteria were not aligned with the Trustee Scholarship’s original guidelines.

To maintain consistency among the undergraduate schools/colleges and to expedite the awarding process in a fair and equitable manner, the University-Wide Scholarship Committee approved measures to ensure that application of the original program award protocol.  To ensure continued school and college involvement in the award process, each undergraduate school/college was provided 20% of their prior year Trustee Scholarship allocation to award to students who met the basic Trustee Scholarship eligibility criteria. The individual awards must be at least $1,000.

The matrix that the Office of Financial Aid used to award Trustee Scholarships for the 2011-2012 academic year, consistent with the University-Wide Scholarship Committee guidelines, is outlined below.

Grade Point Average Range

Percent or Amount of Tuition Awarded

3.75 to 4.00

Full Tuition

3.50 to 3.75

Three-Fourth Tuition

3.25 to 3.49

One-Half Tuition

3.00 to 3.24

Award up to $2,500

Due to the high number of eligible students in the 3.75 to 4.00 grade point average range who received full tuition, available Trustee Scholarship funds were exhausted earlier than in previous years.  Aligning the Trustee award procedure with the approved guidelines resulted in recipients receiving higher dollar amounts to assist in offsetting tuition costs, but a smaller number of students receiving awards.

What Should Students Do Who Did Not Receive a Trustee Scholarship Award?   The University is very sensitive to the financial needs of its students. Schools and colleges have been asked to assist students identify other sources of aid (e.g. donor/endowed scholarships).  Donor and endowed scholarship funds are not guaranteed, and students should not include them in their payment plans for 2011-2012 academic year unless they are already a part of their financial aid award package.
Students should aggressively seek funding from external sources (local civic organizations, scholarship foundations, religious institutions, etc.).  Free web-based scholarship searches are especially helpful in identifying available scholarship and grant funds for which students may be eligible.
How to Get Answers to Questions About the 2011-2012 Trustee Scholarship Award Process.  Students with questions about the 2011-2012 award process should contact the Office of Financial Aid by clicking here or the Office of the Dean and Student Advising Center of their school or college. 

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