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Biology Faculty Middendorf Promotes Environmental Justice

Photo by Justin D. Knight

WASHINGTON, D.C. (October 24, 2008) – George Middendorf, Ph.D, Howard University Department of Biology, along with a team of ecologists created a new section – Environmental Justice (EJ) – for the Ecological Society of America (ESA). The objectives of EJ include addressing environmental injustice issues through education, research and outreach, as well as increasing the involvement of ecologists in environmental justice efforts.

Middendorf, the current interim chair for EJ, plans to collaborate and foster relationships with other organizations and groups engaged in ecological issues and major environmental projects.

"I am extremely pleased by the official recognition by ESA of the Environmental Justice Section,” said Middendorf. “This represents a very clear commitment by the society to consider EJ’s issues as fundamental and critical to the society's mission.”

"The newly created EJ represents the continued efforts by members toward incorporating human communities into the study of ecology and considerating environmental impacts on such communities," Middendorf adds.

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About Ecological Society of America
The 10,000 member Ecological Society of America was founded in 1915 for the purpose of unifying the science of ecology, stimulating research in all aspects of the discipline, encouraging communication among ecologists and promoting the responsible application of ecological data and principles to the solution of environmental problems. Additional information can be found at

About the Environmental Justice Section
The Environmental Justice Section promotes the engagement of ecologists in addressing environmental injustice issues through education, research and outreach with the mission of eliminating disproportionate environmental impacts on any groups, and the full inclusion of all stakeholders in environmental decision-making.

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