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Howard Students Spend Summer Studying in Egypt

Sixty-one students embarked on a journey to Egypt this summer to participate in a two-week study tour, sponsored and organized by the College of Arts and Sciences as part of their summer study abroad program.

The trip came one year after a study tour to South Africa, led by Associate Professor of African American Studies Gregory Carr, Ph.D. and Associate Professor of English Dana A. Williams, Ph.D., where the idea for a trip to Egypt was born.

Williams believes that traveling abroad supplements the text in a classroom. She also said that travel to Egypt, especially for young African Americans provides students with “a firmer sense of themselves, particularly because they can see themselves as a part of a wonderful civilization.”

Several students will use their experiences in Egypt as material for the research symposium. Students who choose not to participate in the research symposium still have an opportunity to contribute to the undergraduate scholarship at Howard. At least a dozen students are writing papers comparing Egypt to dimensions of the contemporary African experience, the best of which will be used to launch The Howard University Journal of Africana Studies.

Carr encouraged the students to continue Howard’s commitment to studying in Egypt, which started in the early 1920s when Howard’s Alain Locke, Ph.D., attended the opening of King Tut’s tomb in order to help discern the ethnicity of the pharaoh to the 1950s when Howard’s William Leo Hansberry conducted research in Egypt at a time when many African Americans knew little of its history as an African civilization.

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