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Kerry-Ann Hamilton
Media Relations Manager

Howard University and Pareto Energy Announce Partnership To Develop a
Campus Microgrid

WASHINGTON (June 25, 2010) — Pareto Energy, the global pioneer in the design, development and financing of Microgrids, today announced a new partnership with Howard University to develop a Microgrid for the Howard University campus. Microgrids are decentralized power systems that often utilize renewable energy, organized around “Energy Independence Districts.” They allow high energy-use building clusters such as businesses, office complexes and government buildings to design their own power source tailored to meet their individual energy needs.

The proposed Microgrid for the Howard campus will support critical infrastructure on the campus while greatly reducing the carbon footprint of the University through system efficiency and the use of on-site renewable generation. The project will utilize highly efficient cogeneration technologies, or CHP, to simultaneously produce electric and thermal energy that can be used for space heating and cooling or for other purposes. The feasibility study for the project has just been completed and a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed that will initiate the design phase for the project. Planners expect the build-out of the project will take approximately two years.

The project will be developed in partnership with Howard University’s Center for Energy Systems and Control and will provide an opportunity for Howard University’s engineering students and faculty to take part in a “living laboratory” as they provide additional engineering expertise to help with the design and development of the Microgrid, in conjunction with local minority contractors. Howard University is one of five academic facilities in the nation with a core competency in smart grid and microgrid design and development.

“This project reflects both the University’s commitment to environmental sustainability and our willingness to give back to our community," said Howard University President Sidney A. Ribeau. "Ultimately, it is expected to help create local green collar jobs that in turn will attract new economic development while reducing our carbon footprint.”

Senior Vice President Hassan Minor added that, at the University’s request, the Project is being designed in such a way as to be scalable to include the entire Shaw area should they choose to be included in the future.

“Microgrids are the energy solution of the future — they will transform the way we generate and distribute power,” said Guy Warner, founder and CEO of Pareto Energy. “They’re also efficient, secure and often renewable energy sources that create jobs while eliminating the threat of power interruptions that cost Americans billions of dollars every year.”

Microgrids are gaining national attention due to an increasing focus on green jobs and renewable energy development, as well as concern over the nation’s electricity infrastructure crisis. Projects are currently under way in more than 34 U.S. cities, including a Stamford, Connecticut financial complex; a Miami hospital system and research facility; a Pittsburgh technology center and entertainment complex; and the new Department of Homeland Security headquarters at the former St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Washington, DC.

About Howard University

Founded in 1867, students pursue studies in more than 120 areas leading to undergraduate, graduate and professional degrees. Since 1998, the University has produced two Rhodes Scholars, two Truman Scholars, 21 Fulbright Scholars and 11 Pickering Fellows. Howard also produces more on-campus African- American Ph.D.s than any other university in the world. For more information about Howard University, call 202-238-2330, or visit the University's Web site at

About Pareto Energy

Pareto Energy has a strategic alliance with the U.S. Conference of Mayors to establish the public-private partnerships known as Energy Independence Districts that facilitate the creation of Microgrids. They also develop Microgrid technology, design the architecture and assist in the arrangement of project financing, operation and maintenance. They developed a patent-pending technology known as GridLink™ that provides the interface between Microgrids and Macrogrids in a straightforward plug-and-play process. To learn more about Pareto Energy, visit or call 202-625-4388.




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