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News Release Student Interns Reflect on Summer 2010
Candace Smith:

I interned at Good Morning America in New York. It was such a great experience for me. The department I was in, Field & Series, is arguably one of the best departments in all of ABC News because it's so hands- on. I got the opportunity to produce pieces, shoot some material and write stories for their Web Site among other things. What I learned this summer will give me a leg up for anything that I want to do in journalism. It's one thing to go out and do journalism for a class, but it's an entirely other thing to do so with the support of such experienced journalists as those at ABC News. The producers allowed me to work independently; however, I knew that they were there if I had any questions or for critique. ...more

Illai Kenney:

This summer I worked for the Department of Public Works as a Material Resource and Sustainability Intern. I spent the summer learning everything there is to know about materials and resources including how they are managed and utilized. I worked with Howard University, the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, and local businesses like Busboys and Poets. I’ve been to a landfill, an incinerator, compost facility transfer station, and a materials recovery facility. I’ve learned that recycling is an intricate business. Almost 80 percent of the materials we use in our daily lives are either recyclable or compostable. We could also save ourselves a lot of money by recycling. It takes 96% less energy to make a new aluminum Coke can from a used aluminum can than it does to make it from scratch. ...more

Jeremy Johnson:

I was fortunate to receive the opportunity to participate in the Howard University Advertising Bootcamp via the Center of Excellence for Advertising. It was an experience that I will never forget because it opened a lot of doors for me. The Advertising Bootcamp was a rigorous two weeks of long nights and days where projects were created and judged daily by professors at Howard but also by outside representatives from places such as Coca Cola and Wieden + Kennedy. Upon completion of the program, I was rewarded an internship at Digitas in New York City. I worked in a technology capacity while interning at Digitas. It was something new because I am an advertising major, but the opportunity to work in technology gave me a chance to learn how digital ads and web pages are created. The chance to learn how digital media works and operates is something I could use to benefit myself in the future.  ...more

Bianca Bailey:

Every October is the Fall career fair at Howard University. I always make sure I am prepared with a resume, nice crisp suit with stockings, and last but not least my professionalism. While at the career fair, I came across a company called ConocoPhillips, an oil, gas and energy company. As I began to ask questions about the company values and how chemical engineers play a role in the oil and energy industry, I became more intrigued, not to mention it was a paid internship.

After months of communicating with ConocoPhillips HR people through over the phone interviews, paperwork and a drug test, I was on my way to Houston, TX. I started June 1 as an intern at the headquarters of ConocoPhillips in the Lubricants Department. On the first day of the internship I was issued a laptop and it was time to get to work. ...more

Shani Carter:

This summer I had the pleasure of interning with Goldman Sachs. I interned with asset management in third party distribution. My particular group worked very closely with both the sales force and senior management to effectively analyze and create the best methods of distribution for the sale of Goldman’s mutual fund products to institutional and independent financial advisors.

Throughout the summer, I received a great introduction to asset management as well as other divisions in the firm. In addition, I was also able to receive a true sense of the firm’s culture and business practices. It was a great feeling to be able to meaningfully contribute to my team and form relationships with employees at all levels within the firm. ...more

Compiled and edited by DeAnne Bradley, media relations intern.

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