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Candace Smith
I interned at Good Morning America in New York. It was such a great experience for me. The department I was in, Field & Series, is arguably one of the best departments in all of ABC News because it's so hands- on. I got the opportunity to produce pieces, shoot some material and write stories for their Web Site among other things. What I learned this summer will give me a leg up for anything that I want to do in journalism. It's one thing to go out and do journalism for a class, but it's an entirely other thing to do so with the support of such experienced journalists as those at ABC News.

The producers allowed me to work independently; however, I knew that they were there if I had any questions or for critique. I applied for an ABC internship early last semester. However, it was my connection with Michelle Hord-White, a Howard alumna and Director of Talent Recruitment and Development at ABC that helped me to get the internship. I met her at one of the pre-planning meetings for ABC on Campus and we stayed in touch. When I told her that I had applied to ABC, she was instrumental in helping to place me at GMA.

My biggest advice to anyone applying for internships is: NETWORK. There are many qualified people that will never get a job because they simply don't know anyone. I would like to believe that I was a fairly good candidate for an internship at ABC, but had it not been for the people I knew, people who cared enough to put their name on the line to ensure my success, my application would have never stood out among the thousands of applications from those equally qualified. I will proclaim the benefits of networking until the day that I die....but I will never decry how important it is to be the best in any trade that you pursue. It's a common saying that “While it's who you know that will get your foot in the door, it is what you know that will keep you there." Students should take advantage of all of the opportunities that we have here on campus, so once they land that perfect internship, they will be fully prepared.

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