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Jeremy Johnson
I was fortunate to receive the opportunity to participate in the Howard University Advertising Bootcamp via the Center of Excellence for Advertising. It was an experience that I will never forget because it opened a lot of doors for me. The Advertising Bootcamp was a rigorous two weeks of long nights and days where projects were created and judged daily by professors at Howard but also by outside representatives from places such as Coca Cola and Wieden + Kennedy. Upon completion of the program, I was rewarded an internship at Digitas in New York City.

I worked in a technology capacity while interning at Digitas. It was something new because I am an advertising major, but the opportunity to work in technology gave me a chance to learn how digital ads and web pages are created. The chance to learn how digital media works and operates is something I could use to benefit myself in the future.The digital media arena is a field I would like to work in because of its non-rigid structure, so my internship applied directly to what I want to do with my career.

The senior management at Digitas had welcoming personalities and gave valuable advice on how to make it in the industry and how to possibly return to the company. I encourage other students to get involved in the advertising industry. It’s a fundamentally untapped market that we as a people of color have mostly ignored. I would also advise students to check out the CEA office in the School of Communications or to ask Ms. Dudley or Professor Angela Harris for more information. CEA opens doors to us as minorities that previously weren't so readily available.
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