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Release Date: Tuesday, January 3, 2012 11:10 AM
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Kerry-Ann Hamilton
Director of Strategic Communications and Marketing
WASHINGTON, D.C. – With AT&T Nation’s Football Classic™ game week upon us, old classmates are planning mini-reunions, and out-of-towners are looking forward to experiencing the sights, scene and events surrounding the inaugural Classic. Kickoff for Saturday’s game at RFK Stadium between Howard University and Morehouse College is 3:30 p.m. The excitement level around the game is high, and the overwhelming pride for the respective institutions is evident. The renewed rivalry has significant meaning for everyone connected to the schools.

Brian Yeldell (Morehouse College, Class of 1984), a native Washingtonian who loves Howard University but went to Morehouse, says “The AT&T Nation’s Football Classic™ is everything for me – socially, intellectually, and potentially on the business and career front. This is our Harvard-Yale game as they have played each other for over 100 years and I hope my yet-to-be-born grandchildren can one day say the same. We need this game!”

Shana Ervin (Howard University, Class of 1986), a District resident, says, “This game and rivalry is so special because people from Howard know people from Morehouse and vice versa. This game is a rivalry but it also brings people together for a special occasion and that makes this game and the surrounding activities very special.”

Achille Hendje (Morehouse College, Class of 2009), a former standout wide receiver for the Maroon Tigers who was raised in the District, describes his excitement as bittersweet. He says “I feel like my hard work contributed to this momentous occasion, and I wish I were able to play [in the inaugural AT&T Nation’s Football Classic™], but it’s going to be great to see the younger guys that I helped groom come beat up Howard in my hometown. It should be a great game as it brings the talent from the south up and…showcases the fact that Morehouse is an elite program.”

Byron Stewart (Howard University, Class of 2006) believes, “As two HBCUs in two different athletic conferences, Howard rarely has the opportunity to compete with Morehouse in athletics. The majority of our competition takes place in the classroom and during friendly debates. This game will not only bring the two schools together in a competitive environment, it will also allow alums and current students to be involved with one another through the various activities taking place this weekend. I hope that we will be able to continue this athletic rivalry in the future."

For many, the game is about much more than football. The schools are consistently ranked competitively in academic listings, and for alumni of both institutions, the AT&T Nation’s Football Classic™ affords the opportunity to battle on a tangible playing field.

Keith Laing is an Atlanta native who graduated from Howard University in 2005. “A Classic like this is long overdue, and makes a lot of sense. Howard and Morehouse, Atlanta and Washington, D.C. have so much in common as elite institutions of African-American higher learning and cities with prominent Black populations respectively. I hope the Classic becomes an annual event…and I hope my Bison win every time.”
Yeldell continued, “It is a chance to have some of the best African-American minds come together for fun and business or at least start to connect to make the necessary changes that our community needs to be a better place. That starts with access to ideas, idea-generating minds and decision-makers in the funding communities. While very few players will make the pros from this game, there will be many, either on the field or in the stands, that will start businesses, run corporations, heal the sick and right wrongs in courtrooms as a result of the connections made.”

Tarrik Mabon (Morehouse College, Class of 2007) says the game is the best of both worlds. “It's beautiful to see that we are finally coming together again to make history! As much as we have talked trash, we love and respect each other's institutions to the utmost!! I can't wait to get to D.C.”

About the AT&T Nation's Football Classic™
The AT&T Nation's Football Classic™ is a black college football game held annually at RFK Stadium in Washington, D.C. This year, the game features Howard University against Morehouse College. Organized by Events DC, the AT&T Nation's Football Classic™ was created to celebrate the passion and tradition of the college football experience, recognize the history of service to others by the students, faculty and alumni of historically black colleges and universities, highlight the unity of African American culture, and honor the heritage and excellence of these proud institutions. Tickets for the AT&T Nation’s Football Classic™ are on sale now at the RFK Stadium Box Office,, Ticketmaster outlets, the Howard University Box Office at Cramton Auditorium and the Morehouse College Bookstore. Seats are priced at $15, $25, $40, $50 and $60.

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