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By Sholnn Freeman
Office of University Communications      
Student Advocacy Groups Mobilize Vote

WASHINGTON (September 25, 2012) – Howard University student advocacy groups are revved up about getting voters registered, educated, and mobilized.  With the 2012 Presidential Election fast approaching and voter registration deadlines looming, these groups are motivated and are working together to get involved.

Members of the Howard University Student Association are gearing up for a large voter registration, education, and entertainment event they call iCount, which will be held Tuesday, Sep. 25 in Burr Gymnasium. Sept. 25 is also National Voter Registration Day.

Shakei Haynes, chair of the Howard chapter of the Children’s Defense Fund Political Action Committee, stated that during the AT&T Nation’s Football Classic Presidential Symposium on Aug. 30, he and other students helped to register 225 people from 29 states. The group also had over 400 students sign up for information on absentee ballot voting. Haynes’ group will continue to register people to vote every Wednesday and Friday in Douglass Hall’s main office through Oct. 5.

Krystal Leaphart, president of the Howard University chapter of the NAACP, is hard at work as well. The organization is not only registering voters on campus at Howard, but training others to properly register voters as well. Members also have plans for presidential debate and election night viewing parties, community service events and more.

In a recent blog post commending the motivation of the student groups at Howard University that mobilize voters on campus, President Sidney A. Ribeau said, “Leadership and active electoral and civic participation are at the core of Howard’s legacy and tradition. This means not just registering and voting yourself, but also doing all that you can to assist, and challenging others to do the same.”

For a full list of election-related events taking place around Howard, check out the 2012 Voting Events Calendar here.

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