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Sholnn Freeman
Communications Specialist

Board Unanimously Approves Undergraduate Tuition Freeze for 2013-2014 Academic Year

WASHINGTON (January 28, 2013) -- The Howard University Board of Trustees unanimously approved President Sidney A. Ribeau’s recommendation not to increase undergraduate tuition for the 2013-2014 academic year during the January 26 meeting of the full board.

“The University remains firmly committed to access and affordability to a Howard education,” Ribeau said. “We have decided on a zero percent increase for the upcoming academic year in an effort to relieve the growing economic pressures for students and their families.”

Howard University continues to offer a range of extensive financial aid to support its students, including need-based grants, Trustee scholarships, graduate student tuition and scholarships,grant-in-aid talent awards and professional school merit fellowships.

The method used to arrive at tuition and mandatory fee rates is inclusive and transparent. Through the University's Tuition and Rates Committee (TRAC), which includes faculty, students, staff and administrators, recommendations regarding tuition and fees are presented for approval. The University's approach to tuition and mandatory fee pricing is designed to enhance academic and student services to ensure its financial sustainability and provide support for its short- and long-term reinvestment strategy.

The University will assess tuition and fees next year based on a number of factors, including enrollment as well as level of support from federal government and agencies. The University is also exploring new tuition models, including a four-year cap (a fix tuition per incoming class for four years) and a 40-credit hour tuition, which includes fall, spring and summer sessions.

Last March, President Ribeau also launched the  Bridging the Gap Student Aid Campaign to raise $25 million in current–use and endowed scholarship and fellowship assistance that will directly address the gaps in financial aid for deserving students.

A team of professionals in the Office of Student Financial Services is available to provide further guidance and answer questions about the 2013-2014 tuition and fees, need-based and merit-based financial aid and payment options. For more information, visit

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