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Sholnn Freeman
Communications Specialist
Howard University Joins SALT Program To Help Students Manage Debt

WASHINGTON (February 4, 2013) – Howard University has partnered with the nonprofit organization American Student Assistance (ASA) to provide access to SALT, a program that offers education debt management and financial literacy to current students and alumni.

"Financial literacy and debt management education are important skills for all prospective as well as current students and alumni,”  said Howard University Provost Wayne A.I. Frederick, M.D., MBA. “Financing one’s education requires careful planning and understanding of the true cost of loans, repayment terms and the fine print so students and their families can make smart decisions. "

SALT provides interactive money management tools and resources, personalized tracking of all federal and private student loans, advice from counselors, assistance with resolving complex student loan-related problems, and access to thousands of jobs and internships.

American Student Assistance, a 56-year-old nonprofit, launched SALT in December 2011. Previous ASA programs have demonstrated that students provided with proactive, customized and targeted communication are far less likely to fail in loan repayment.

Howard students will receive an invitation by email to join. If students do not receive SALT email, they may contact SALT's Member Support team at (855) 469-2724.

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