Student Educational Record List Policy

Records the University maintains on students are described and listed below. Offices maintaining such records are specified and their locations indicated. These offices are open Monday through Friday (except holidays) from 8:30 am until 3:00 pm.

1. Academic records — Academic records on students contain applications for admission, (including applications for readmission), the Howard University permanent record (containing all grades duly recorded), instructors’ grade reports, and copies of official forms or reports reflecting courses registered in (by semester, including summer school), courses added or dropped, special grade reports, addresses of students, and records of all total withdrawals from the University by students.

The above records are maintained by and located in EM/Records, Room 105, Mordecai Wyatt Johnson Building.

Special note on academic records

Records bearing directly on the academic status of students are also maintained in the offices of the appropriate academic Dean, the department in which students’ major programs are supervised and coordinated as well as the offices of student advisors of the respective schools and colleges in which such students are enrolled.

These records generally include SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) and CEEB (College Entrance Examination Board) scores, high school transcripts, college/university transcripts for institutions previously attended, high school equivalency (GED) scores and certificates of completion (in specialized areas), and the like, such as-in the case of international students-a certificate evidencing adequate familiarity with the English language.

The locations of these specific offices may be ascertained by inquiring at the office of the appropriate academic Dean.

2. Violations of the University Code of Conduct and criminal laws records —Records on individual students who have been implicated in violations of the University Code of Conduct and/or locally operative criminal laws and as a result of which the University Office of Security and Safety Services has become involved. Records of the above-listed incidents are maintained by and are located in the Office of Security and Safety Services, second floor, Service Center Building, 2244 10th Street NW (202-806-1073).

3. Disciplinary records, student misconduct records, and records of infractions of Code of Conduct — Records of student conduct involving infractions of conduct standards established for students are maintained by and are located in the Office of the Dean for Special Student Services, Room 725, Howard Center .

4. Financial aid records — Financial aid records of students contain applications for financial aid or part-time employment (including work study), credentials submitted in support of such applications’ loans as well as information on action taken on such applications. These records are maintained by and are located in Financial Aid. Records of specialized financial aid which is pursued through direct application to departments of one’s specialization are maintained by and located in such departments.

5. Student Financial Services —An individual’s account record reflects all financial transactions made with the University in connection with the payment of required tuition, fees, room rent, and special assessments such as library book charges, and the like. Any adjustment made in the account, for whatever reason, is similarly reflected.

This record is maintained by and located in Student Financial Services, Room 1 15 , Administration Building.

6. Student employment —Records are maintained on students who apply for employment through the Office of Career Planning and Placement. These records contain the subject’s resume and letters of recommendation, if any, such as are submitted at his/her request. Such records are maintained by and are located in the Office of Career Planning and Placement, Wing I, Second Floor, C.B. Powell Building.

Members of the faculty, student body, or staff who have questions regarding the information above are invited to inquire at the Office of the Dean for Special Student Services, Room 725, Howard Center on the main campus, or by telephone at (202) 806-2120.