The Rights of Students Regarding Records Maintained by Howard University

1. The University will at least annually provide notice to students, of the following:

a) the types of educational records and information contained therein which are directly related to students and maintained by the University,

b) the name, position, and campus location of the official responsible for the maintenance of each type of record to which students have a right of access, and

c) the categories of information, if any, which the University has designated as directory information.

2. A student desiring to review a reviewable University record shall execute in writing a form entitled "Request for Review of Student Record" obtained from and provided by the office concerned. A record of all requests for review of records by students, including the disposition thereof, shall be maintained by all offices of the University in which such requests are made. In instances in which a student requests a review of the contents of a University record, the office involved shall provide for such review with an appropriate official of the office within a reasonable time. Costs incurred in connection with furnishing a student a copy of anything contained in the University record and requested by such student will be borne by the student. Such appropriate costs will be established by the Vice President for Fiscal Affairs in consultation with the Vice President for Student Affairs.

3. A student, who after having reviewed a University record, is of the opinion that such record contains information or material which is inaccurate, misleading or should not be maintained by the University, must first execute in writing a form entitled, "Request for Purge/Removal of University Record" obtained in the office concerned. Upon the receipt of such request, the administrative officer of the office involved shall carefully review the request and make appropriate disposition. In considering such request, the University official(s) involved will make a diligent effort to resolve the matter informally, amicably and in the best interests of the student and the University. If the student making the request objects to the action taken, he/she may request in writing a hearing in which the propriety of the action taken may be contested. It should be expressly understood that such a hearing is not to be used as a forum to contest whether a teacher should have assigned a higher grade because a student believes that he or she was entitled to a higher grade.

4. Upon notice that the student wishes to have a hearing, the office involved shall notify in writing the Off ice of the General Counsel of the University. A hearing officer, for the purpose of hearing appeals requested by students, shall be designated by the Office of the General Counsel. The hearing officer shall schedule the date, time and place of such hearing. Upon notice from the hearing office, the Dean or Director of the office involved shall provide written notification to the student as to the date, time and place of the hearing. The Dean or Director will select one person to be the University representative at such hearing.

5. At all such hearings, the student and the University representative will be accorded the following procedural rights:

a. Advance notice of the date, time and place of the scheduled hearing;

b. Personal appearance;

c. To present their case or have the same presented in their behalf by anyone of their choice;

d. To present evidence and to call witnesses.

6. The hearing officer will render a written decision and provide the student petitioner and the University representative with a copy of the decision within a reasonable period following the conclusion of the hearing. Where the student involved receives an adverse decision, he shall have a right to petition the Vice President for Student Affairs for an appeal. Both the student and the University representative may submit a written argument in support of their position. The Vice President for Student Affairs may decide on the petition that no further hearing of the matter is required or he may decide to reopen the matter and hear the case again. Where the Vice President for Student Affairs determines that there need be no further hearing, the decision rendered by the hearing officer will be final. Where the Vice President for Student Affairs decides to reopen the case, the decision rendered by him/her shall be final.