Total Withdrawal Policy

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A student may withdraw from the University at anytime prior to the twelfth week of classes. To implement an official total withdrawal from the University, a student must file a completed Total Withdrawal Request Form with the Office of Enrollment Management/Records. A student who leaves the University without filing a completed Total Withdrawal Request Form may not be eligible to receive tuition refunds and may receive failing grades in the courses for which he/she is registered. A student who withdraws officially from the University may be eligible to receive a total or partial tuition refund in accordance with the University’s Schedule of Financial Adjustments and/or Refunds. Students may be required to repay federal funds received in a given semester as a result of total withdrawal from the University.

Students registering for courses during General Registration for the upcoming semester, who decide prior to the first day of classes of the next semester that they will not attend the university, must complete a Total Withdrawal Request Form.

Approved by the Howard University Board of Trustees, January 19, 2002

The Financial Aid Office will generate a report of all Title IV recipients who have a grade of UW. This report will be used to calculate the amount of financial aid the students is ineligible to receive. This mandatory reporting is required by the Department of Education for all institutions of higher education receiving Title IV funding.