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- "Fall is here and and so is the flu season; so get your flu shot. The fall season requires us to make adjustments in our daily routine due to weather, school activities and holidays. Be careful and aware of your surroundings because crime can occur at any time. Limit the carrying of money, credit and debit cards. Report any suspicious activities or suspicious persons to Campus Police immediately at (202) 806-1100. "SAFETY IS EVERYBODY'S BUSINESS."

- To ensure theft protection and recovery for your laptop, click here and register with FRONT DOOR, a FREE service at Howard University. Learn More>>

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-Homecoming Activities for 2014. Homecoming Activities are scheduled to commence from October 11th through October 19th. Click to view or print a copy of the homecoming activities guide. Homecoming 2014 Activities Community Guide.

-DPS New Chief of Police. Department of Public Safety would like to welcome and congratulate Brian K. Jordan, the newly appointed Chief of Police / Executive Director for Safety & Security. He brings with him 27 years of experience from Metropolitan Police Department.

-Active Shooter Response Training. DPS will be hosting Active Shooter Response Training for the university community. For more information click Active Shooter Response Training.

-Contact Numbers for DPS. For general information call 202 806-1100 and for an emergency call 202 806-7777.

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