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- During this season make sure you continue to be proactive and not reactive. Learn to safe guard your belongings, click here. To prepare for storms and the unexpected, get educated and check out these resources, click here.

- Report any suspicious activities or persons to Campus Police immediately at (202) 806-1100.

- To ensure theft protection and recovery for your laptop, click here and register with FRONT DOOR, a FREE service at Howard University. Learn More>>

Please Download our Emergency Response Handbook

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-Summer is Here. Now that graduation is over and summer is officially here, we can start to enjoy picnics, barbeques, the beach, friends and family. Take the opportunity and get away and take a vacation. Be sure to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated during the hot days and don't forget to put on your sunscreen to protect your skin. Enjoy your summer because it will go by very quickly. Our weather is so unpredictable, so be prepared at all times and dress accordingly. Click here for DPS's. Safety Tip of the Month

-Active Shooter Response Training. DPS will be hosting Active Shooter Response Training for the university community. For more information click Active Shooter Response Training.

-DPS Contact Numbers. For general information call 202 806-1100 and for an emergency call 202 806-7777.

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