Safety and Security Patrol

SegwayThe Department of Public Safety, Patrol Services Bureau is responsible for providing armed uniform Campus Police Officers and unarmed Security Officers at all Howard University campus locations. These officers are posted at strategic locations, and perform stationary and mobile patrols using a variety of resources twenty-four hours a day all year long. HU-DPS officers are responsible for controlling entry and access to various academic facilities, as well as acting as a deterrent to prevent crime on campus. They are also responsible for the protection and safety of over 5000 students that reside in multiple Residence Halls both on and off the main campus. In order to effectively carry out their duties & responsibilities, HU-DPS Officers are assigned to various Patrol Shifts, and are accountable to the Watch Commander assigned to their respective Shift.


2244 10th Street NW, Suite 272
Washington D.C. 20059
202-806-1165 / 1081



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