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Safety Tips

Anyone with information about an incident or case should contact the Howard University Department of Public Safety at 202-806-1100, or 6-4747. In the event of an emergency dial 911 for the Metropolitan Police Department.

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HU-DPS Active Shooter Presentation

Safety Tips:

  • Walk in groups whenever possible and look out for one another.
  • Avoid isolated and dark areas.
  • Carry your cell phone and keep it accessible.
  • If you are approached, take note of the person's appearance, clothing, and anything that will help to identify the subject.

General Tips:

  • Program the following number into your cell phone for quick access, 202-806-1100.
  • Immediately report any suspicious activity or suspicious individuals to the HU Department of Public Safety.
  • Use the Shuttle Service or the Late Night Transportations Service to avoid traveling on foot across campus during the hours of darkness.


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