HUDPS Emergency Communications Services

In an effort to improve our emergency response procedures and personal safety, Howard University has implemented three university-wide emergency communications systems, Alert-HU, HU-Guardian Services, and Eye Witness. These services were developed by Rave Wireless, a well-respected leader in mobile safety communications.

Alert HU Mass Notification

Alert-HU is the university's mass-notification system which allows the University to send time-sensitive notifications via voice, e-mail and text messaging.

In case of an emergency on or near campus, the following will be sent out immediately:

1. An e-mail notification to the e-mail address you provided.

2. A text message to the mobile phone you provided.

3. In some cases, a voice message to the phone numbers you provided.
Notifications will be limited to emergencies involving events such as severe weather, building concerns, intruders, and potential pandemics. The University will test the system periodically.

Alert HU Mass Notification

Howard University Guardian Service is a personal safety service that allows members of the Howard University Community to connect with and be monitored safely by DPS University police (HU-DPS). HU-Guardian is activated by placing a Panic Call to University Police (HUPD) or by initializing a timer.

How the timer works:

1. Before traveling from one place to another, such as walking home at night, a user activates the Guardian timer on their mobile phone.

2. If the timer expires (or the user initiates their HUGS Panic Call Button), HUPD is immediately notified with detailed case information.

3. When the user reaches their destination safely, they deactivate their Guardian timer and HUPD is not alerted.


Eyewitness enables a student, faculty, or staff member to text a crime tip directly to the HU-DPS via their cell phones. This new text-based technology integrates with ALERT-HU and the HU GUARDIAN SERVICES.



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