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LTQ Orbitrap XL tandem Mass Spectrometer

This mass spectrometer consists of two spectrometers: Linear Quadrupole Trap (LTQ) and Orbitrap. LTQ is a low resolution mass spectrometer used for fast analysis, filtration of the molecules with the masses of interest, and fragmentation of molecules in a trap chamber. These options make LTQ unique for MS-n analysis. Fourier Transform Orbitrap Spectrometer has a unique sensitivity of ~2 ppm. Tandem combination of these two traps results in a top level Mass Spectrometry solution.

Mass spectrometer have a few options for sample molecules fragmentation: Collision Induced Dissociation (CID), Pulsed Q Dissociation (PQD), High Energy Collision Dissociation (HCD).

Analyte ionization is made from liquid phase through Electro Spray Ionization (ESI) or Nano Spray Ionization (NSI). NSI is an electro spray ionization system operating at nanoL/min flow rate. This considerably increases ionization efficiency and sensitivity of the system.

For higher efficiency analyte could be preliminarily separated by HPLC systems. For ESI ionization we use Thermo Finnigan HPLC system. NSI works in tandem with Shimadzu nano HPLC system. LC/MS combination is a method of choice for high throughput experiments and analysis of complicated biomedical samples.

Proteome analysis of spectra is made by Thermo Proteome Discovery software, that incorporates SEQUEST search engine.

LTQ Orbitrap XL Thermo LTQ Orbitrap XL
Shimadzu Prominence nano HPLC