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Howard University Renewal Initiaitives
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Dear Members of the Howard University Community:

Welcome to the university-wide renewal initiatives website. Through this site, we will provide regular updates regarding implementation of the following strategic initiatives: (1) Academic Program Renewal; (2) Faculty Renewal; (3) Administrative and Staff Renewal; (4) Facilities Renewal; and (5) Students First. Howard is on the move and the renewal initiatives are the result of extended deliberations involving faculty, staff, administrators, students, and alumni. I thank the Board of Trustees for approving the policy frameworks for each of the initiatives and the various faculty, students and staff committees and workgroups that developed them.

The renewal initiatives are integrated and reflect the University’s core values: “truth, service, leadership and excellence.” As a result, these renewal initiatives are designed to achieve strategic imperatives that will enhance the excellence of our undergraduate, graduate and professional academic programs; increase research and creative activity; expand the level of services that the university provides to our communities; and ensure that we function in an effective and appealing physical and financial environment. Implementing the university-wide renewal initiatives will enable us - in a 21st century environment -- to continue to educate students and scholars in the humanities, fine and performing arts, social and behavioral sciences, health sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics, and address national and international academic and policy issues relevant to the African American and African Diaspora communities.

Our ability to produce and develop leading edge scholarship and research that improves the quality of life of under-served communities will be enhanced with the implementation of the integrated renewal initiatives. We must provide a physical and administrative environment that will support our academic programs and the academic endeavors and work of our faculty, students, and staff. Modern and well-equipped instructional and residential facilities, policies and practices that put “Students First” and sound stewardship of the University’s resources are essential to the effectiveness of our university-wide renewal effort.

I invite you to visit this university-wide renewal website regularly for current renewal information, and I encourage you to stay connected to the process. You may contact the designated university offices with any recommendations and suggestions you have for advancing these goals.


Sidney A. Ribeau

Sidney A. Ribeau, Ph.D.

Howard University, Office of University Communications,
2225 Georgia Ave. NW,
Suite 603,
Washington, D.C. 20059