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Administrative and Staff Renewal
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Administrative and Staff Renewal

Administrative and staff renewal is an essential component of our university-wide renewal efforts. The goal is to provide best-in-class administrative and support services to faculty, staff, administrators, alumni and the general community. While all opportunities for administrative and service improvement will be assessed and pursued, the initial focus will be on finance, information technology, human resources and strategic sourcing. We will also work to improve facilities management, enrollment management, student support services and administrative support.

Strengthening our delivery of services has organizational and individual components. Organizationally, we will redesign many of our business processes taking an integrated approach to service delivery - an approach we call the shared services model. This involves having a central office take primary responsibility for a particular business function (such as information technologyprocurement or financial support) supplemented with decentralized elements in local offices where many of the services are utilized. This approach increases consistency in the delivery of services, reduces redundancy and cost, and promotes staff development, while providing improved career paths for staff. As we improve services, we must reduce costs to help us meet our budgetary obligations and permit us to invest more in our strategic priorities. Learn more about the Shared Services Model.

We must continually assess and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of all we do. Achieving our administrative and staff renewal goals requires that we reduce the number of staff. With an initial focus on procurement, human resources, technology support and financial services, some administrative and staff positions will be eliminated, combined and transformed as we modernize processes to improve effectiveness and efficiency, reduce duplication and increasingly apply technology and best practices.

Our constituencies expect that we will be excellent stewards of our resources; future revenue flows depend on us meeting this expectation. Financial stewardship requires strong planning, clear expectations and accountability based on accurate and timely financial reporting suitable for managing day-to-day operations, and having information for strategic purposes. We have made a great deal of progress in financial reporting and stewardship. Our target now is best-in-class financial reporting and managerial support for organizational units, researchers, faculty, staff, and students. Our approach and commitments for financial management and reporting can be found at FY2012 -Integration Plan. The University's operating plan for AY 2011-12 can be found at Howard Operating Plan FY2012.

Progress on supporting Administrative and Staff Renewal efforts can be found at Renewal Initiatives Updates. Please check the site regularly and share your concerns and recommendations.

Updated September 27, 2012
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