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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Facilities Renewal?
  2. Who is in charge of Facilities Renewal?
  3. Why is Facilities Renewal important now?
  4. What changes are being made?
  5. How will I know when Facilities Renewal work will impact me?
  6. If I have a suggestion regarding the work being done, whom can I contact?

What is Facilities Renewal?

  • Facilities Renewal supports Howard University’s broader strategic Academic Renewal Plan. The goal of Facilities Renewal is to upgrade and transform the University’s physical campuses to create the preferred place to learn, work, live and play, with a focused emphasis on health sciences, STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and programs relevant to the African diaspora.
  • The goal is to create a campus environment that truly reflects the culture and values that Howard University embraces, and exemplifies the University’s historical commitment to quality and excellence.

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Who is in charge of Facilities Renewal?

  • The Facilities Renewal initiatives are being overseen by Troy Stovall, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Howard. The management team also includes Omowale Crenshaw, who is the Managing Director of Capital Asset Development (which includes capital planning, real estate development, streetscape improvements, space utilization, sustainability, and the implementation of the University’s campus master plan) and Rayford Davis, Finance Lead for the COO’s office/Executive Director of the Office of Institutional Effectiveness.

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Why is Facilities Renewal important now?

  • Of the nearly 100 buildings on our three historic campuses (main campus, west campus-Law School, and East Campus-Divinity School), more than 40 were built before 1950. We are also planning to enhance the fourth campus in Beltsville, MD. We are upgrading, enhancing and modernizing buildings throughout the campuses to create campuses that are well aligned with the recommendations from President Ribeau’s Commission on Academic Renewal.
  • Beyond upgrades to current building and grounds, we will break ground in 2012 as we begin the construction of two new residence halls located on 4th Street, two new academic buildings (Interdisciplinary Science & Engineering and Biomedical & Computational Science), in addition to a new mixed-use Recreation, Health and Wellness Center located on Georgia Avenue near Bryant Street.

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What changes are being made?

  • You’ve probably already begun to notice the changes around campus. We’ve initiated work to enhance janitorial services and landscape maintenance. We’ve also begun the more capital-intensive work of upgrading and modernizing numerous buildings with our Extreme Makeover projects. Phase I of the Extreme Makeovers include: Burr Gymnasium, Cramton Auditorium, Downing Hall (engineering), Locke Hall, Frazier Hall in the Quad, Numa Adams, and the Howard University Service Center (located at 10th and Florida Ave.)
  • Over the next three years, Howard is making the investment to upgrade the campus to meet the goals of the President’s Commission on Academic Renewal. The ultimate goal is to create a campus and environment that will propel Howard into the Top-50 research universities, while continuing our tradition of leadership and service to underserved communities nationally and abroad.

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How will I know when Facilities Renewal work will impact me?

  • The Facilities Renewal Team is doing all that they can to keep everyone informed of ongoing work and its impact on campus. The calendar on this website should help you track which projects are ongoing, and when other projects will be started or completed.

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If I have a suggestion regarding the work being done, whom can I contact?

  • We would like to hear from you. We are setting up a mechanism to gather and respond to your feedback. Please visit this site regularly for updates.

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