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What is the Campus Master Plan?

The Howard University Campus Master Plan (CMP) for the main Georgia Ave campus is a 10-year framework that guides campus facility planning. The CMP identifies the universe of upgrades and new facilities deemed necessary to achieve the University’s Academic Renewal goals and competitive repositioning.

The Master Plan reflects an investment in Howard’s academic program, its physical plant and the community that surrounds it. President Ribeau’s leadership and the extensive efforts of the Academic Renewal Committee provided clear academic vision for the framework and execution of the Master Plan: Howard University should be the ideal place to learn, work, live and play, with a focused emphasis on health sciences, STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and programs relevant to the African diaspora.


  • Support Howard University’s Academic Mission
  • Preserve and Protect the University’s Historic Legacy
  • Foster Community Engagement
  • Implement Good and Smart Urban Design
  • Enhance Connectivity and Walkability
  • Improve the Public Realm
  • Develop the Campus Edge
  • Embrace Sustainability

The CMP is a roadmap that provides a visual representation of Howard’s Academic Renewal plan. In graphical terms, it indicates the facilities and environs needed to reinforce campus values; respond to institutional commitments and values; and improve the University’s competitive position in the higher education marketplace. It is the manifestation of Howard’s mission.

Implementation of the Master Plan will include input from the entire HU community: faculty, staff, students, alumni and neighbors. The Plan will be rolled out in multiple phases, with each phase including renovation projects as well as new construction. Phase I is over the next 4-5 years, with the first series of renovations already underway.

Two new science facilities are in the early planning stages. One building will house Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering (ISE)/STEM and there will be a joint facility for Biomedical/Computational Science.

Because enhancing the student experience is an important objective of the CMP-the ideal place to learn, work, live and play-Phase I of the CMP involves the construction of two new residence halls as well as a wellness/recreation center


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