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University-Wide Renewal: The Students First Campaign  

On January 5, 2009, Howard University launched the Students First Campaign (SFC). The goals of this presidential initiative are:

  • to enrich the University’s student-centered learning environment;
  • to improve the quality of services delivered to students;
  • to enhance the University Counseling Service;
  • to cultivate a culture where the student is valued as one of our greatest resource

The SFC is an important component of the university-wide renewal initiative.  
The SFC is designed to integrate the student-centered learning concept throughout all facets of the University in order to improve the overall “student experience.”  Every member of our University community has been charged to implement the SFC as we search for ways to improve direct student services.  

A Steering Committee composed of students, faculty, staff and alumni used an interdisciplinary approach and assumed responsibility for Phase 1 of the initiative.  The SFC Steering Committee assessed the University and made critical recommendations to improve the student experience within the academic and extra-curricular environments. This approach will help as we develop future policies and allocate future resources to SFC.

The SFC includes several initiatives that are anchored by the ASK ME and Learning Cohorts
  programs. The ASK ME campaign is designed to provide a welcoming atmosphere and one-on-one assistance to new students and their families during orientation and the initial weeks of enrollment.  The Learning Cohorts initiative offers students dynamic small group learning environments outside the classroom and the Pre-doctoral Psychology Training Program provides internship opportunities for eligible graduate students.

Updated September 27, 2012

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