Q2 FY 13 Effort Certifications Distribution Scheduled for February 5, 2013

The effort certification cycle for Q2 FY 2013, will commence the week of February 4, 2013.  This is the 2nd year we are certifying with the Electronic Certification System (ECS).  All four quarters for fiscal year 2012 and Q1 FY ‘13 have been completed successfully.  THANK YOU for helping complete the 2012/2013 certificates!!

To assist with scheduling this routine compliance requirement, we have also published the certification schedule for the remainder of FY ’13 and FY ’14 (see below and attached).


To maintain our sponsor requirement of timely compliance, the goal date for 100% certification is by Friday February 22, 2013.  This permits for ample time to complete the 5 – 10 minute process and allows for any questions which may arise during the process.

Those who need to certify will receive a system generated notice via Howard email.  There are approximately 270 individuals that will certify this cycle and it will take a team approach to complete our compliance requirements in a timely fashion.  The recurring theme from PIs, deans, department chairs, researchers and administrative staff has been the ease-of-use this tool provides to the research and sponsored project community.  Typically within five minutes individuals can review how their compensation has been allocated for the past three months, make corrections if needed and certify to the accuracy of the information.


Please read the below document for additional information or refer to available resources on the PeopleSoft Self-Service page.


Effort Certification Training Schedule for Q2 FY'13